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Airtightness and waterproof detection of signal receiver is based on Harris technology

From wired telephone to wireless telephone, from desktop computers to laptops and palmtops, the Internet age is constantly changing and updating all over the world. In order to keep up with the changing pace of the times, the development of network is faster and faster, so the production pace of signal receiver is more and more advanced, and it has become an indispensable tool of receiving network.

Product to be tested: signal receiver

There are many types and uses of signal receiver, and the use environment is also very wide. The waterproof problem has to be considered when installing signal receiver outdoors. The outdoor working environment is bad, and the equipment is easy to be damaged by water in bad weather such as storm. Therefore, the waterproof protection structure of the signal receiver is essential to avoid the influence of outdoor weather and ensure the long-term operation of the equipment.

Waterproof detection mould for signal receiver

According to the requirements of customers, the signal receiver needs to reach IP68 waterproof level. The following are the equipment and solutions used by Harris Technology:

Equipment used: hyris HC classic series air tightness and waterproof detector

Solution: the direct test method is used to test, and the mold is designed according to the structure of the signal receiver, which is used to block the test part. Put the product into the mold, press the start key, press down the upper mold, and push the test part on both sides of the lower mold. The instrument inflates, stabilizes and tests the signal receiver (the test pressure is 31kpa, the test time is 8s, the test time is 8s, the test time is 5S). The leakage of the signal receiver is detected by monitoring the change of the air pressure. The system automatically determines OK or ng according to the set parameters.

Signal receiver under test

After the airtight and waterproof detection equipment of Harris technology, the signal receiver can ensure that it will not be soaked and corroded by water or water vapor in bad weather, and ensure the strength of the received signal.

Hiris HC classic series air tightness and waterproof detector

Hiris has tested more than 5000 kinds of products, and has unique solutions for air tightness and waterproof testing of all kinds of products. If your products need air tightness testing equipment, you are welcome to bring your products to hiris for negotiation.

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