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Electric toothbrush waterproof is a standard, Hermes air tightness testing equipment really strength!

Speaking of electric toothbrush, there are still a lot of people who are skeptical about the use of electric toothbrush. Not only do we not understand the performance of the electric toothbrush, but also we are skeptical about the safety of the electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes generate high frequency vibration by rotating or vibrating the core of the motor, breaking the toothpaste into tiny foam instantly, and cleaning the teeth thoroughly. The electric toothbrush is equipped with a small motor, which can make the brush head vibrate back and forth. The small motor is connected to a rechargeable battery.

Product to be tested: electric toothbrush

When people start to think about buying electric toothbrush, waterproof performance is the key factor. The electric toothbrush needs to be completely sealed to prevent water from entering the contact point. If water enters the contact point, it is easy to cause problems such as short motor life, bacteria breeding, short circuit of circuit board, etc. at the same time, there is also the risk of leakage. Therefore, when the electric toothbrush is producedIt is necessary to carry out air tightness and waterproof detection, which can play a positive role in prolonging the service life of products.

Electric toothbrush waterproof inspection fixture

Air tightness waterproof test is an advanced electric water pressure waterproof scheme. According to the customer's requirements, the electric toothbrush needs to be testedIP68Waterproof gradeTest, the following is the testing equipment and scheme used by Harris technology for electric toothbrush:

Equipment used: HarrisHP Develop a series of air tightness test equipment

Test plan: indirect test method, customized tooling and mold according to the structure of the electric toothbrush. As the customer's requirements for this electric toothbrush are higher than the industry's air tightness test requirements and international high standards of procurement, we adopt the negative first and then positive test method to test the electric toothbrush. Negative pressure test parameters: test pressure-4Psi/s, inflation time8S, voltage stabilization time8S, test time5SLeakage value0.05Psi。 Positive pressure test parameters: test pressure6Psi/sInflation time8Sholding time 8STest time15S, leakage value:0.05Psi

Air tightness and waterproof testing equipment for electric toothbrush

The main reason for using negative pressure is thatIt is used to test the sealing property of soft rubber. The positive and negative pressure combination test can avoid pressing the leakage part of soft rubber due to the effect of air pressure, so that the leakage part can not be detected, which affects the quality of electric toothbrush.

HarrisHP Develop a series of air tightness test equipment

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