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Case study of airtightness test of hiris

With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, outdoor sports around the project has become one of the hottest and most popular amateur activities, not only young people, even the 50-60-year-old people also love it. In addition to the well-known hiking, cycling and other projects, camping and other in-depth projects are gradually becoming one of our goals. When it comes to outdoor, the portable products that we have to mention arehi-fi equipment.

Product to be tested: sound machine

hi-fi equipmentstayoutdoor sportIf it is not waterproof, internal parts or circuit boards will be eroded by water, so its service life is not high. In addition, small impurities will also enter into electronic products, affecting their normal operation.

Waterproof inspection fixture for sound machine

The customer's requirement is to make a complete set of stereoIP66Waterproof gradeThe following equipment and testing methods are used for the product:

Air tightness and waterproof testing equipment for sound machine

Equipment used: HarrisHPExpand series of air tightness testing equipment

Test method: indirect test method, put the product into the mold, close the upper and lower mold, and seal all around the product,Test, test pressure11.3KPA, inflation time7Second, voltage stabilization time7Second, test time8Second, leakage value100PA

This method not only can quickly detect the air tightness of sound, but also has high cost performance, so it is an ideal equipment for many air tightness detection. The customer was very satisfied.

HarrisHPExpand series of air tightness testing equipment

Harris automation( of high precision waterproof testing equipment, focusing on mobile phones Waterproof detection, camera waterproof detectionIPWaterproof grade testing, wire waterproof testing, speaker waterproof testing and other sealing testing equipment.

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