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Waterproof and air tightness test case of electric toothbrush

The traditional toothbrush is difficult to completely remove dental plaque, and the improper brushing method greatly reduces the cleaning effect of brushing teeth. The electric toothbrush can effectively reduce the tooth stains caused by drinking tea, drinking coffee and bad oral conditions, and restore the original color of teeth.

As the electric toothbrush is superior to the traditional toothbrush, its users are becoming more and more popular. However, the following problem is its safety. The most important concern of the electric toothbrush is its waterproof performance and the overall sealing performance. The most direct thing is if the air tightness and waterproof grade of the toothbrush is not enough, It will lead to a series of safety problems such as leakage or greatly shorten the service life, and reduce the use experience of consumers. This is extremely unfavorable to both the manufacturers of electric toothbrushes and our consumers. Therefore, the electric toothbrush IP66, IP67 or higher waterproof grade test is particularly important. So how do some manufacturers of electric toothbrush carry out the inspection of electric toothbrushAir tightness testWhat about it?


Using the common way to test, not only the product is damaged, but also the accuracy can not meet the requirements, and the microleakage product can not be accurately identified, and the efficiency is low; This needs to use the high-end and accurate test methods described in the following cases. Let's look at them together.

This electric toothbrush air tightness test customer requirements are: positive pressure 45kpa, negative pressure - 45kpa, continuous program and the whole machine sealing waterproof test. It is required that the positive pressure inlet pressure should not exceed 45.6kpa, not less than 45kpa, the negative pressure pressure should not exceed 46.1kpa, not less than 45.5kpa, and the leakage value should not exceed 0.2kpa.

The difficulty of waterproof and sealing performance test is that the shape ratio of mold cavity and toothbrush is 1:1; The accuracy of the sensor is 0.2% F.S. the maximum effective fraction ratio is better than & amp; plusmn; 1pa; AI algorithm is used to analyze the effective data of the sample information and automatically judge and identify the critical point of leakage.

We use the indirect test method to test this electric toothbrush. As shown in the figure above, we make a sealed cavity, that is, a mold, which is the same size as the shape and specification of the product. We try to fit the product as much as possible, because the test results are more accurate. Then we pressurize the gas, and the gas will fill the space between the product and the mold, and then cut off the gas source, Detect whether the gas pressure has dropped. If there is, it will leak, and the gas will leak into the product. If there is no drop, the detection result is no problem.

电动牙刷4工位Air tightness testing equipment-深圳海瑞思

The customer's demand is relatively large, hope to be able to detect defective products efficiently, so customized this four channel tank cap for customers气密性检测设备Four products can be detected at the same time, and the test results can be detected separately at the same time. The test results are accurate and not affected by the other party's test results. For customers to save human resources, cost savings.

For more than ten years, with its increasingly rich experience, Harris has provided customers with valuable sealing opinions, supporting key materials or testing resources in the stages of design, trial production and mass production, so as to shorten the verification cycle and avoid detours; According to the customer's requirements, we can provide fast and high-quality one-stop service delivery and make some humanized function customization, as well as 24-hour and 8-hour efficient after-sales service outside the province, which have been unanimously recognized by customers; Our products serve many companies in China and are exported to more than 50 countries overseas. We have gained excellent reputation in all walks of life.

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