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More and more electric toothbrushes use air tightness detector for waterproof test

With people's attention to dental health, electric toothbrush has become popular. Because the electric toothbrush is in contact with water, so the electric toothbrush must do waterproof test, for the electric toothbrush waterproof test, currently commonly usedAir tightness testing equipment。 Hiris technology has rich experience in waterproof detection of electric toothbrush.

Compared with other products, electric toothbrushes are exposed to water more frequently. Therefore, the waterproof performance and grade of electric toothbrush become an important standard to judge the quality of electric toothbrush. If the waterproof performance of the electric toothbrush is not good, it will not only easily leak electricity At the same time, the toothbrush with water can be easily damaged.


When it comes to the waterproof detection of electric toothbrush, the simplest and inexpensive detection method is to put the electric toothbrush in the water for a period of time, and then take it out to detect whether the toothbrush has entered the water and whether it can still be used, but this method has many disadvantages: it can't quantify the leakage value; Second damage to the product, increase the difficulty of repair; The efficiency is relatively low. Therefore, the waterproof test method of electric toothbrush is not suitable for the requirements of modern factory high efficiency batch testing.


Application of Harris technology in electric toothbrushIP66 Waterproof grade,IP67There are abundant cases and mature test schemes for waterproof grade test. We use a high-precision air tightness detector for the waterproof detection of electric toothbrush.

The characteristics of hermetic testing equipment for herrense electric toothbrush are as follows:


oneThe testing medium for the product is air. Air can be everywhere, because of its colorless and invisible characteristics, it will not cause any damage to the tested products. At the same time, the molecules of air are much smaller than those of water, which can sense the leakage of products more accurately and is more accurate than that of water.

twoHigh precision intelligent analysis and control system independently developed by Harris is adopted HI-OS 2.0 .At the same time, the big leak can be detected in the inflation stage, which saves the whole test time.

3.Powerful Internet of things function, can choose the upper computer monitoring software, realize remote management, monitoring and quality traceability, and can communicate withMESSystem docking. Perfect docking of modern factory intelligent testing needs.

fourThe last and most important point is that the test accuracy of Harris air tightness testing instrument can reach1PA ,Even a hair leak can be clearly shown on our screen. The instrument is to have high precision and strong stability. This is the most important requirement for all test instruments.

In the research and development of waterproof testing equipment, Harris has been pursuing excellent quality, and has launched a single stationWaterproof detectorDouble station air tightness testing equipment Three position air tightness testing equipment, multi-channel air tightness tester. To find out high quality solutions for customers' waterproof testing problems. If your products need to do waterproof testing, welcome to call Harris technology【 This article is edited and published by Harris( )Please indicate the source for reprint]

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