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Application of four channel water cup cover sealing waterproof testing equipment

The water cup is our daily drinking tool, which is basically used every day, and we will take the water cup with us when we go out. As a place to seal the water cup, the cup cover needs to be well sealed. Otherwise, water leakage will occur, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to life.

This time we are going to make a design for this kind of cup coverWaterproof testing equipment。 It can be seen from the appearance of the product that there is a snap on the top of the cup cover, which can be opened to drink water, but the snap as an opening is easy to leak. When the opening is closed, the cup cover will not leak.


The cup cover is a semi-finished product. For the semi-finished product, Harris makes a fixed mold for the product according to the shape of the product, and uses the method of direct inflation to test. This kind of direct inflatable waterproof becomes the direct test. For the finished product and the product without inflatable port, we use the way of making sealed mold for the product for indirect test.

Customers hope to test four products at the same time without adding more than one air tightness tester. Hiris not only has single channel air tightness testing equipment, but also makes double channel, three channel or four channel waterproof testing equipment for customers. Harris multi-channel air tightness testing equipment can not only save cost for customers, improve product testing efficiency, but also not affect the accuracy of testing results, and independently judge OK products and ng products. The interface diagram of Harris multichannel instrument is shown below.



Air tightness test process of cup cover:

First of all, it needs to go through many tests to determine the inlet pressure and leakage of qualified products and unqualified products, and set the average value of the minimum inlet pressure of qualified products and the maximum inlet pressure of unqualified products as the minimum inlet pressure of products. Use the same method to find out the maximum allowable leakage value of qualified products and set it as the maximum allowable leakage value. The size and waterproof grade requirements of each product are different, so the test values are also different. Even if the same product has different workmanship, the waterproof test values will be different. It needs to be set according to the actual situation of the product.

After setting the program, we need to connect the multi-channel air tightness testing equipment and the product's air tightness testing fixture through the factory air source; Set the test parameters of the product on the instrument; Before the full inspection, the operator selects a qualified product and a unqualified product for the experimental test to check whether the test results are consistent with the actual situation of the product. If it is consistent, the full inspection can be started. If it is not consistent, the instrument and test products can be further inspected.


海瑞思Air tightness testercharacteristic:

Strong stability: test equipment for more than 1000 factories of product quality escort, and widely recognized by customers.

High precision: the test precision can reach 1pA, which is protected by international patent

Using the latest hi-os 2.0 system, friendly interface, simple operation, a number of user-friendly operation.

Using compressed air as the testing medium, complete nondestructive testing.

Test process is fast, test results are objective, and can automatically determine the product OK, ng

It can connect the upper computer and scanner to realize intelligent test, and has the function of automatically exporting data.

Hiris has tested more than 5000 kinds of products, and has unique solutions for air tightness testing of all kinds of products. If your products need air tightness testing equipment, you are welcome to bring your products to hiris for negotiation.

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