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Application of JBL sound dual channel air tightness testing and waterproof testing equipment

JBL is the largest professional speaker manufacturer in the world, and its audio service range is very wide. You can see the figure of JBL audio from large-scale performance audio to small speakers carried by enthusiasts. JBL has strict control over the sound quality and effect. In recent years, JBL began to lead the market demand, and developed a number of outdoor sound with IP67 waterproof grade.

For IP67 waterproof level of sound, it is necessary to do waterproof detection. Now manufacturers generally use air tightness testing equipment to test the waterproof performance of sound. The waterproof detection of sound needs to choose the appropriate one according to the characteristics of the productAir tightness testing equipment


The product we want to test this time is the shell part of a sound. The sound consists of many parts. The shell is an important part to protect the internal components of the sound. As a shell, the sound shell is generally made of plastic injection molding. It is necessary to detect whether there is leakage in the corners of the shell. It can be seen from the appearance of the product that,

There are two characteristics of the product: 1. The volume of the sound shell is relatively large

2. The sound shell is a semi-finished product, and the direct detection method of direct inflation can be used

3. The customer hopes that the left and right audio can be detected at the same time.

According to the characteristics of the test products and the requirements of customers, Harris technology has made this double position air tightness test equipment for the sound shell.

Because the volume of the tested product is relatively large, it will be inconvenient to take and place the tested product if we provide customers with down pressing air tightness testing tooling. According to the actual situation, Harris technology has made automatic guide rail mold for customers. After the product starts testing, it can automatically slide to the designated position to start air tightness testing. After the testing, the mold will automatically slide out, It is convenient for operators to take and place test products.


According to the requirement of testing two products at the same time, we provide the double position air tightness testing equipment, two molds and two channels for customers, which do not affect each other. We can test the air tightness independently and judge the quality of the products independently. Greatly improve the efficiency of waterproof detection of sound.

Hiris is a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in air tightness testing equipment for 11 years. JBL chose Harris to provide air tightness testing equipment, which is also a prudent and correct choice after in-depth investigation. If you are interested in our air tightness testing equipment, or your products need to doWaterproof test, welcome to call Harris technology.

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