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Waterproof test method and air tightness test principle of sound horn

Waterproof sound is often used in outdoor large-scale performances, open-air stadiums, parks, school playground and other places. These sound systems are waterproof and can withstand the severe test of outdoor wind and rain. As the most important sound producing part of waterproof sound, water has a great influence on the speaker. Once water enters into the speaker, it is likely that the speaker will lose its function. If you do something wrong with the hornAir tightness testFor example, the horn has been madeThe detection of IP67 waterproof grade can protect the loudspeaker from rain.


(horn air tightness testing equipment)

Now manufacturers generally choose waterproof and breathable membrane for horn waterproof treatment. The horn with waterproof protection needs to test whether its waterproof performance meets the standard. Generally speaking, the waterproof detection method of the horn is to use the air tightness detector, and use the compressed air as the detection medium to detect the sealing performance of the tested products.

The principle of air tightness test isPressure attenuation method, that is to say, to pressurize a product to see the change of gas pressure. There are two situations. One is that the product has air filling holes. We will directly inflate and pressurize the product, then cut off the gas source and observe the change of gas pressure. If the pressure drops, it means that the product leaks and does not drop. The second is that the product does not have air filling holes. We need to make a sealed cavity, which is the same size as the shape and specification of the product, that is, a grinding tool, to fit the product as much as possible, because the test results are more accurate, and then the gas is pressurized,

The gas willCharge toProducts andmouldThen cut off the gas source and detect whether the gas pressure has dropped. If there is, it will leak, and the gas will leak into the product. If there is no drop, it is good.

音响喇叭Air tightness detector

(horn air tightness testing equipment)

The detection principle is very simple, but as a very small molecule, whether air can detect its change and the size of change depends on our sensor and the precision of the sensor. The more accurate the sensor is, the more sensitive and stable the air tightness detection is. Hyris air tightness detector adopts Honeywell sensor and American Fairchild precision pressure regulating valve, cooperating with the patent"Intelligent differential pressure algorithm", the minimum resolution is better than 1 pa, the algorithm has obtained the national patent.

The product to be tested this time is the loudspeaker of outdoor sound. From the appearance of the product, it can be seen that the product is a complete finished product without inflation port. According to the appearance of the product, a mold is made for the product, and the waterproof performance of the loudspeaker is tested by inflating the mold. This method of air tightness test through the mold is called indirect test.


According to the requirements of customers, the waterproof grade of the horn isIP67, considering the tolerance of horn membrane, we used the method of negative pressure suction to detect. Harris气密性检测仪There are two kinds of pressure test methods, positive pressure test is: direct inflation to the product or the mold. Negative pressure test: vacuum test from the inside of the product or the mold of the test product. Corresponding to the waterproof test pressure of IP67, the test pressure is - 10.5kpa, the maximum allowable leakage is 0.1kpa, the inlet time is 5S, the pressure stabilization time is 5S, and the test time is 5S

Connect the air tightness tester and the inspection tooling with the power supply and air source. After setting the test program, the air tightness test can be started.

Hiris technology has done a lot of speaker air tightness testing equipment, large car speakers, audio speakers, small cell phone speakers, headphone speakers. There are mature and professional air tightness detection schemes for various kinds of horn waterproof detection. Welcome to the speaker waterproof detection interested, please call Harris technology.

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