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Case analysis of air tightness test for water proof test equipment of face washer and cleanser

It's every girl's nature to love beauty. Every girl wants her skin to be bright and clean. Recently, the face washing instrument in the fire has become the target of many beautiful girls. As an auxiliary face washing product, it will always contact with water, so the cleanser needs complete waterproof function.

As an electronic product, cleanser is a vibration cleaning instrument controlled by internal circuit board. If there is water in the cleanser, the circuit board inside will be damaged, resulting in the normal use of the cleanser.

(air tightness testing equipment of face washer)

This time, we are entrusted to do face washing instrumentAir tightness testOur customer is a professional manufacturer of face washing apparatus. Customers hope that our instrument can quickly detect whether the face washer is completely waterproof. The waterproof effect is that the face washer can be washed directly under water, and it can also be used directly when taking a bath. According to the waterproof effect expected by customers, the waterproof grade set by Harris technology for customers isIP67. The test pressure is 10.5kpa, which exactly corresponds to the pressure of IP67 waterproof grade. The air inlet time is 5S, the pressure stabilization time is 5S, and the test time is 5S. The maximum allowable leakage line is 0.1kpa, which is equivalent to 100Pa. This test parameter is the final test parameter obtained according to the test parameters of multiple good and bad products of customers. A qualified product must meet two conditions at the same time: the inlet air pressure reaches 10.5kpa, and the maximum leakage value cannot exceed 0.1kpa. Only when these two conditions are met, can the air tightness testing equipment judge the face washer as a qualified product, otherwise the product is judged as ng product.

(inspection mould of face washer)

It can be seen from the shape of the product that the test product does not have any inflation port. For the products without inflation port, we need to make a mold for the test product, and indirectly test the tightness of the product by inflating the mold. There are eight basic test methods for hermetic test of Harris, which are direct test, indirect test, flow judgment, volume judgment, reverse judgment, micro test, blocking test and burst test. The most common detection methods are direct test, indirect test and flow determination. The test method used for the customer's face washer is indirect test method, which is applicable to the leakage detection of products without gas filling port.

(two air tightness detectors of Harris)

Hiris technology is specialized in R & D and production气密性检测In the past 11 years, we have tested the waterproof and air tightness of tens of thousands of products. The waterproof detection of electric toothbrush and face washer has developed from single channel detection to multi-channel waterproof detection. If you are interested in our air tightness testing equipment, or your products need air tightness testing, please call Harris technology.

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