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Application of air tightness testing equipment of three position tooth washer in waterproof testing

The importance of teeth, many people also began to use the tooth washer for deep cleaning and protection of teeth. The tooth washer has been popular in many developed countries for many years. It is a special auxiliary cleaning tool for oral cleaning. With the principle of washing the car with a high-pressure water gun similar to that of washing the car with a high-pressure water gun, a high-pressure pulse water flow of 1200 to 1700 times per minute is generated through the pressure of the built-in water pump, which can wash any part of the mouth in an all-round way, and clean the teeth and deep gums that cannot be cleaned, such as toothbrush and dental floss.


Figure: details of air tightness test of three position tooth washer

Because the tooth washer cleans the teeth by water flow, it needs to be waterproof. If it is not waterproof, the internal water flow will penetrate into the product, which may cause the risk of electric leakage. This time, we need to do a tooth washerWaterproof testEquipment customers, is a specialized production of dental washers manufacturers. Because the customer's production is relatively large, so we customized this non-standard air tightness testing equipment for the customer. Harris technology not only has a single station air tightness detector, but also can make non-standard air tightness detection equipment according to customer demand. We can provide double channel, three channel and four channel air tightness testing equipment according to the output of customers. Multi channel air tightness testing equipment can test two products, three products or more products at the same time. It greatly improves the efficiency of air tightness detection and meets the needs of full inspection of production lines of many manufacturers. At the same time, a multi station non-standard waterproof testing equipment only needs one operator, which saves manpower and testing cost for manufacturers. Multi channel waterproof test equipment has been applied in many fields. For example, multi station electric toothbrush waterproof test equipment, multi station security camera air tightness test equipment, mobile phone waterproof tester and so on. Multi station non-standard waterproof test equipment is mainly used in household appliances, electronic products, and other products with fast consumption and more life applications.


Figure: air tightness testing equipment of three position tooth washer

The figure below shows some related multi station detection equipment we have done.

海瑞思科技-多款测试案列细节Figure: details of several test cases of Harris Technology


Figure: test tooling of Harris Technology

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