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Waterproof test of LED lamp of range hood and case analysis of air tightness test of LED lamp

On the range hoodLED light is a small accessory of the range hood. Its main function is to illuminate when the range hood works.When the range hood is working, it is in the state of air suction. When the range hood is sucking and discharging, it will inhale water vapor. In order to prevent the damage of water vapor to the circuit and the safety of electric leakage,Therefore, it is necessary to test the air tightness of the smoking machine. Herus technology is very useful to many companiesLED lamp has been tested for air tightness. Today we will share with you how the LED lamp on the range hood is tested for air tightness.

The cooking fume in the kitchen has a strong smell. It not only damages the health of our family, but also makes it difficult to clean our room. So now many families are starting to buy range hoods. It's on the cigarette machineAs an accessory of range hood, LED lamp is mainly used for lighting. Generally, the lamp on the range hood is made of plastic shell. There is a ring of sealant between the lamp shell and the range hood.

The place we want to test is whether the rubber ring can be sealed tightly. Because the product is semi-finished product, Harris technology uses the direct detection method to directly fill the compressed air into the product for air tightness detection.

What are the customer's requirements for product testingIP67 waterproof standard (the product is one meter deep underwater, the product will not enter water) so we use the test pressure of 12kpa, which is equivalent to the water pressure of one meter underwater product. At the same time, the output of our customers is relatively large. We have customized double position non-standard air tightness testing equipment for our customers. One instrument can test two products at the same time. The test speed is doubled.

Test product steps

The operation of Harris air tightness detector is simple and convenient, and the whole test process is only about 10 seconds.

oneConnect the power supply and air source interface of the instrument, and the instrument is in working state. Set test parameters and time according to the requirements of product waterproof grade and customer demand.

twoPut in the test product, press the start button, the compressed air in the air source will automatically rush into the product, and the instrument will automatically complete the inflation-In a series of links of test and voltage stabilization, the inflation pressure and leakage of the product will be displayed on the instrument. If the product is qualified, the OK light will be on. If the product has leakage, the ng light will be on and the alarm will sound.

threeTake out the product for the next round of testing.

(2) range hoodDetail drawing of air tightness test for LED lamp)

Hiris has been focusing on air tightness testing for more than ten yearsMore than 1000 customers provide air tightness testing solutions to solve your waterproof testing problems in one stop.

Welcome to the waterproof detection interested in small partners, consult Harris technology.

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