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Air tightness detection solution of sound horn

In the manufacture of water-proof sound, the loudspeakers and loudspeakers used are all water-proof accessories, because once the loudspeakers enter the water, they may lose their function, or even damage other parts inside the sound. Hiris technology, which has rich experience in air tightness detection of sound, has brought us air tightness detection solutions and application examples of sound speakers. The following is the content of this program, let's understand it together.


Airtightness test of hiris loudspeaker

1Horn waterproof technology

At present, the horn is generally waterproof membrane or waterproof coating. This kind of waterproof method reduces the sound loss in the process of sound transmission, and quickly recovers the air permeability after contacting with the liquid. The product has strong viscosity, and the protection level of the product is as high asIP67andIP68To provide a strong waterproof and dustproof barrier for sound. But this kind of waterproof method can't identify the air tightness with naked eyes, and the waterproof quality can't be controlled, so it needs to be identified with the help of air tightness detector.


The loudspeaker to be tested this time

2Difficulties in air tightness test of loudspeaker

1.The structure of sound horn is various: there are source radiators, air filling holes, wiring harness, etc., while some do not;

twoSound horn material is relatively soft, easy to produce deformation, so the pressure is limited, coupled with complex structure, to ensure non-destructive testing needs to consider many factors.

3Hermetic testing solution for hiris loudspeaker

In response to the diversity of loudspeaker structure,Harris TechnologyThe tester is divided into three parts: tester, gas source and tooling. Because the tester, air source and tooling are self-contained, they can be equipped with molds and corresponding tooling according to the shape or details of the loudspeaker. And the instrument system records a variety of waterproof grade test data,"Positive" and "negative" forms of pressure, and8There are three basic test modes, which can be selected or combined. application24positionA/Dtransformation,32positionCPUOperation, and fully independent development of industrial control operating system, with full touch human-computer interface. built-inRS232Serial portRJ45Network portUSBCommunication interfaceLTPexternalI/OControl port, support a variety of communication protocols. This meets the requirements of detecting different sound speakers and different waterproof levels.

In the realization of non-destructive testing, custom mold plays a certain protective role. When the upper and lower mold is closed to form a good air tight testing space, it also insulates the damage of external factors to the sound horn. When the air tightness detector works, it will inflate the air into the mold. However, considering the soft material and easy deformation of the loudspeaker, Harris technology needs to strictly control the air pressure in this link. Therefore, the precise pressure sensor of the air tightness testing equipment began to work, strictly monitoring the air pressure change in the mold, and controlling the testing air pressure within a certain range. Finally, after a series of calculations, the leakage value of the gas can be obtained, and the air tightness and leakage of the loudspeaker can be detected according to the leakage valueIPWaterproof grade.


Mould of airtightness tester for hiris loudspeaker

4Details of airtightness test for hiris loudspeaker


5Airtightness test parameters of hiris loudspeaker


At present, hermetic testing of hermetic technology can realize the hermetic testing of loudspeaker, wire harness, charging port and other parts.

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