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Solution of waterproof test for micro control switch of Harris Technology

With the expansion of the market share of smart home appliances, the micro control equipment industry also broke out a demand boom, in which the waterproof performance of micro control switch has become the technical node of production. As the information transmission part of microprocessor and sensor, the internal circuit board of micro control switch is complex and fine, so it is required to have certain waterproof function to ensure the normal operation of the switch in humid environment. Hiris technology has been committed to the research and development of waterproof tester for many years. This time, we have developed the micro control switch waterproof tester to meet the demand of waterproof test.


Product drawing of hiris micro control switch waterproof tester

The manufacturer of the micro switch requires that the waterproof tester of Harris technology break through two testing problems. One is to realize the multi inspection function of the waterproof tester, which can detect the waterproof of the micro control switches with different shapes and sizes, and the other is to detect the multi-function of the waterproof testertermIPWaterproof gradeIt is not limited to a waterproof grade test. The two requirements of the manufacturer have far-reaching significance to realize the whole line waterproof level detection of micro control switch.


Detail drawing of mould for hiris technology micro control switch waterproof tester

Therefore, based on years of experience in the research and development of waterproof tester, the special group of Harris Technology Co., Ltd,Waterproof detectorDesigned asThree parts: waterproof tester, gas source and toolingThisThe threecanThey cooperate with each other, but they do not influence each other.As a part of mobile detection, tooling can detect different types of micro control switches. At this time, we only need to replace the corresponding tooling. In this way, Harris technology will break through the limitation of special aircraft and special inspection,Better adaptationMicro control switchWaterproof inspection of the whole line

In the implementation of multipletermIPWaterproof gradeIn terms of detection function, hiris technology adopts the self-developed waterproof test system. Different waterproof detection level modes are input in the system. When dealing with the different waterproof level detection of micro control switch, only need to switch the waterproof level data in the equipment. In addition, cooperate with Harris waterproof tester"Positive" and "negative" forms of pressure, and8There are three basic test modes, which can support micro switch leakage test, blocking test, positive pressure test, negative pressure test and other waterproof tests. Diversified detection settings and data processing functions make the micro switch manufacturers more handy in waterproof detection.

The above content is the brief introduction of the waterproof detection scheme of the micro control switch of Harris technology. The waterproof detector has reached the waterproof test standard of the whole production line, and has been put into the waterproof detection of the micro control switch in large quantities. The detection effect is remarkable, and has won the praise and recognition of customers.

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