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Demonstration of detection scheme of acoustic air tightness detector

Non standard customized version of Harris TechnologySound tightness detectorDelivery is now complete. Previously, for this customerDistressed by the marketSound tightness detectorThe function can't meet its own detection requirements, so it can't meet the requirementsSeek solutions from Harris technology.


Non standard customized version of Harris TechnologySound tightness detectorDisplay chart

After in-depth understanding of the customer's needs, hiris technology project team found that under the condition of meeting the sound testing requirements, the customer hopes thatSound tightness detectorCan achieve these three requirements. One is to add data to statisticstrace back toFunction,Convenient product data managementAndQuality traceabilitySo that the test results can be better fed back to the production. Second, we hope to further improve the confidentiality of testing instruments and ensure the safety of testing information. Third, the input and output interfaces meet the requirements of automatic production. Based on the above points, the project team has made a perfect plan for itSound tightness detectorCustomized solutions.

staytrace back toIn terms of function, we associate product test results with bar code to realize one-to-one information matching and further improve traceability. This function will be set up and data matched by Harris engineersAfter the implementation. In addition, we also equipped with a scanning gun, computer display, keyboard, mouse and so on, to facilitate customer realizationAir tightness test of sound systemOperation.


Non standard customized version of Harris TechnologySound tightness detectorConfiguration diagram

In terms of confidentiality, we areSound tightness detectorAdd power on password login function to improve the confidentiality of test data.

In the input and output interface, in addition to the original machine built-in RS232 serial portRJ45Network portUSBCommunication interfaceLTPexternalI/OIn addition to the control port, a specific interface is added according to the customer's detection requirements to enable the detector to receive external signalsSignal control, at the same time can drive external components, such as solenoid valve, relay, etc. So as to facilitate the communication with other equipmentThen, realize production automation.


Harris technology non standardcustomizededitionSound tightness detectorConfiguration diagram

At present, the non-standard customized tooling of Shenzhen Harris technology is not only used in the audio industry, but also widely used in the automobile industry and electronic consumer industry. It solves many problems encountered in production for customers in the industry, so that customers can quickly improve production efficiency.

Of course, every cooperation of Harris technology is inseparable from the trust and support of customers, which not only makes Harris technology a step forward to "national high-tech enterprise", but also makes Harris technology win the good reputation of air tightness testing technology solutions and equipment suppliers.

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