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Sealing test and sealing test method of juicer

Juicer has now become an indispensable household appliances in home lifeAnd for these appliances, in use, we often consider the safety problem. When it comes to safety, the key is whether the juicer has done sealing test. Today, Shenzhen Harris will take you to know about the development of juicerSealing testPrinciple and sealing test method of juicer.

As shown in the figure below, you need to develop a detection scheme for juicer. If you can't make it, it doesn't matter. For example, Shenzhen Harris will help you to make the design of juicer for freeSealing testPlan.

The detection method herrense will briefly tell you:

First of all, we need to choose a hermetic tester of Harris, and then Harris will help you to make tooling reference. Connect the tooling die with the product, so that the tightness of the juicer can be tested. If you don't know much about the sealing test of the juicer, you can consult our online customer service or our hotline, and we will help you to answer it at the first time.

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