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Bluetooth speaker cavity sealing test waterproof test air tightness test

I know if you have ever met this situation. When you buy a Bluetooth speaker and play music wirelessly with your mobile phone, the sound will be intermittent. What is the reason for this situation? Nowadays, more and more people use Bluetooth speakers, but when they buy, most people will not seriously test the performance of Bluetooth speakers. This often causes unexpected trouble to the later use. At present, many manufacturers have already included the cavity sealing test procedure of this Bluetooth speaker as an important production procedure.

How can Bluetooth speakers detect the sealing performance of the cavity? How to ensure the accuracy and omission of the sealing performance of Bluetooth speakers in the process of testing the sealing performance. This is a question that many Bluetooth speaker manufacturers are puzzled about.

Today, Shenzhen Harris is here to help you solve this problem. Shenzhen Harris has developed a set of free cavity sealing detection scheme for Bluetooth speakers. The display scheme is as follows:

First of all, you need to choose a hermetic tester of Harris, and then according to the scheme you choose, or choose the free scheme provided by Harris to develop a set of tooling mould to connect with the Bluetooth sound to be tested, to carry out the hermetic experiment of Bluetooth sound. If you want to know the detailed operation process, you can consult our online customers or call the sales hotline of our official website. We will help you solve the problem of Bluetooth audio cavity sealing test at the first time.

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