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Electric toothbrush waterproof test, sealing test. IP67 waterproof test

According to many oral experts, if there is toothache, loose teeth and other phenomena, it means that your oral health has been in a very serious state. If further development, it is likely to cause dental caries or periodontal disease and other oral diseases. For oral health care can not be completed overnight, want to fundamentally protect the family's oral health, develop scientific oral care habits is the key, in which professional and scientific oral care products are essential. At the same time, it is also important to choose a comfortable toothbrush. In the choice of toothbrush, in addition to comfort, we should take convenience and safety into consideration. So the electric toothbrush is bound to be more and more popular. Many manufacturers in the production of electric toothbrush, often attach great importance to the waterproof problem of electric toothbrush, but many manufacturers did not complete this process, resulting in the market will still appear because the waterproof degree of electric toothbrush is not enough, resulting in security risks.

At present, the IP67 waterproof test for electric toothbrush has already developed a set of mature scheme for the manufacturer. As shown in the picture case of Shenzhen Harris technology, you can make the detection scheme you need according to your own detection needs or your own production line speed.

The waterproof test of electric toothbrush presented by Harris shows two schemes, one is single test, the other is double station test. These are based on the needs of manufacturers themselves. For the details of the scheme, you can consult our current customers or call the sales hotline on our official website, and we will help you to answer them at the first time.

Electric toothbrush single station waterproof test, IP67 waterproof test

Electric toothbrush double position waterproof test, IP67 waterproof test

The high-precision waterproof detector developed by Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has a very small internal space (1.5cc), which can maximize the stability and reliability of the test. And equipped with imported high sensitive pressure sensor, the detection accuracy can reach 1pA, which can fully meet the waterproof test of electric toothbrush. This detection accuracy can be described objectively, so that bubbles with large leakage needle eye can be detected without error every minute, Greatly improve the work efficiency of waterproof detection, and through the high-precision waterproof detector to detect its indicators, more directly help manufacturers produce more standard products.

In the past ten years, we have been focusing on the R & D, production and sales of air tightness testing equipment, with stable performance and high precision. We can customize the testing tooling on demand! The products sell well at home and abroad, and can provide all kinds of waterproof testing, sealing testing, leakage testing, IP waterproof grade testing scheme for free.

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