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Round speaker sealing test, air tightness test, sealing test

Before that, Harris technology demonstrated the sealing test cases of Bluetooth audio, the air tightness test cases of sports audio, and the semi-circular sealing test cases. Today, Shenzhen Harris Technology Co., Ltd. will show you the sealing test case of circular sound. I hope it can help you who need to be sealed in the sound industry. As shown in the picture case of Harris Technology:

Select a high-precision air tightness detector, and then according to their own production needs to develop their own production needs of the detection scheme. See is the production of single station test tooling or double station air tightness test tooling, to carry out sound tightness test. Of course, we need to make a mold in the process. It is used to connect the instrument with tooling and products, so that it can be used on the production line.

For the specific and detailed detection scheme, you can consult the online customer service of Harris technology or call our sales hotline of Harris technology. We will help you solve the problems related to the air tightness detection of sound at the first time.





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