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Sound tightness detector

At present, the popular speaker air tightness tester in the market is mainly the air tightness tester of Shenzhen Harris automation technology. This air tightness test adopts the compressed air detection method, and calculates the air leakage of the speaker through the attenuation of air pressure, so as to determine the speaker air tightness.

The application of speaker air tightness tester is shown in the figure below (a case of a company in Shenzhen using our company's air tightness testing equipment for speaker air tightness testing)

The air tightness test of sound box is suitable for the air tightness test of all audio equipment on the market. Waterproof grade identification, testing. Which JBL speaker air tightness test, Beijing Hyundai speaker waterproof grade test. Whether it's big or small, wired, wireless or Bluetooth speaker, you can use air tightness tester to test waterproof grade and air tightness

How does Harris air tightness tester test speakers? It mainly focuses on the structure of test products. Some speakers are air ports, such as JBL and Beijing Hyundai. As long as they are slightly larger, they will reserve air ports, and there is no need to do additional air tightness test tooling for such products, As long as the fast interface of air tightness test is used to connect with the punching port of the product, the test can be carried out. If there is no air outlet, it is necessary to make a sealing tooling according to the shape of the product, then put the product into the testing tooling, connect the air tightness tester, and then it can be tested. The airtightness tester of Harris is integrated with positive and negative pressure test system, which can use negative pressure or positive pressure to test the waterproof grade of the speaker. It is more applicable. In the face of different test conditions, you can choose the most effective air tightness and waterproof grade test scheme

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