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Case of waterproof test for electric toothbrush

Air tightness testing equipment, a suitable for electric toothbrush waterproof testing, can quickly achieve IP waterproof testing equipment, Harris electric toothbrush air tightness tester, suitable for electric toothbrush IP protection, waterproof grade testing, testing and waterproof performance appraisal.

With the development of science and technology, our life has become more and more "lazy", and we are more and more dependent on intelligent products. Electric toothbrush has almost become a new choice for people to brush their teeth. Waterproof function has become an inevitable quality requirement of electric toothbrush. Therefore, how to detect the waterproof function of electric toothbrush has become the goal of major electric toothbrush manufacturers. In particular, the electric toothbrush air tightness waterproof test method, as well as the electric toothbrush waterproof test equipment technology research and development has become the role of various businesses chasing.

Electric toothbrush generally has control circuit board inside, and almost always contacts with water when it is used. If the product has no waterproof function, if water enters into the product during use, it may directly lead to the scrapping of the whole product. Therefore, waterproof is a very important performance of product quality.

For the waterproof test of electric toothbrush, there are mainly the following difficulties: the shell is opaque, many of the body is sealed as a whole, there is no inflation port, the product shape is uncertain, and the production efficiency is high. For manufacturers, what kind of detection method or instrument can detect defective products is the most critical. Here we have to say Shenzhen Harris air tightness tester. Shenzhen Harris automation is focusing on the field of high-precision waterproof detection, providing the most advanced waterproof detection instruments for major manufacturers for a long time.

At present, the electric toothbrush on the market is basically sealed as a whole, so the waterproof performance is good, but it also brings challenges to the test. If the traditional water immersion test is used, it is unscientific; First of all, the detection efficiency of soaking in water is very low. Secondly, it is also the most important because many of the electric toothbrush shells are opaque. After soaking in water, you can only open them and then reassemble them back. This is bound to cause a hidden danger. When assembling, employees may make mistakes in assembling and lose the waterproof function.

And the air tightness and waterproof detection method of Shenzhen Harris can avoid this point. We use gas instead of water detection; Through the gas attenuation method to detect whether there will be water leakage, because the electric toothbrush has no inflation port, so we will make an imitative precision sealing mold according to the shape of the electric toothbrush, and then put the product into the mold, the instrument will inflate the mold equally, and then calculate the leakage value, and judge the quality of the product according to the leakage value.

In this way, not only the test results are guaranteed, the working environment is clean, the product appearance is guaranteed, and the efficiency is greatly improved.

Harris automatic air tightness tester, using a small internal space (1.5cc), which can maximize the stability and reliability of the test. And equipped with imported 24 bit sensor with high sensitive pressure, the detection accuracy can reach 1pA (normal people can blow 15kpa, 1pA is 1 / 15000 of normal people's blowing). The electric toothbrush waterproof test can fully meet the requirements, and this detection accuracy can be very objective, so that the bubbles with large leakage needle eye can be ready to be detected every minute. In this way, the work efficiency of waterproof detection has been greatly improved. Through the high-precision waterproof detector of Harris, we can detect its various indicators, help manufacturers or other electrical appliances to make more standard products, and make the products more perfect.

The operation of hiris waterproof tester is simple without special training. After setting the relevant parameters, the user can get the test data and the alarm of qualified and unqualified indicators and buzzer by pressing the run key.

The instrument parameters of electric toothbrush are as follows:

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