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Waterproof and sealing test case sharing of wireless doorbell shell

Wireless doorbell does not need wiring, installation is simple and convenient, welcomed by modern families. As an electronic product, doorbell is usually waterproof in order to increase its service life. This time, Harris tested the sealing performance of this doorbell for customers.

It can be seen from the following products that the doorbell shell is a roll of plastic products with some openings on it.

It can be seen from the picture that the doorbell shell is a semi-finished product with an open structure on one side and some holes on the top. When we test the tightness of the doorbell shell, we need to seal one side of the doorbell with silica gel, and the holes on it also need to be sealed with silica gel, so as to form a sealed space inside the product, and then we can test its tightness. There are two kinds of test methods, direct test and indirect test. Direct test is to test the internal gas of the product directly, and judge the sealing performance of the product by observing the change of the internal gas of the product. If the product is a finished product without inflation port, it needs to make a mold according to the shape of the product, seal the product, inflate the mold, and observe the air pressure change between the product and the mold to judge whether the product leaks. This test method is called indirect test.

Hermes air tightness testing equipmenteightThree test methods: direct test, indirect test, flow judgment, volume judgment, reverse judgment, micro test, blocking test, burst test. Different test methods can be selected according to the structure of the product, whether there is air filling port or not, and the size of the product to realize the sealing and waterproof test of the product.

Details of sealing test for doorbell shell

Doorbell shell tightness testing equipment is generally divided into two parts: fixture and air tightness tester. Fixture is mainly through the pneumatic seal test products; The air tightness detector is used to monitor the gas change of the test product and judge the leakage of the product.

Shenzhen Harris technology provides a full set of sealing test equipment, according to the situation of customers' products, customized fixtures for customers, to achieve one-stop service of sealing test.

Shenzhen Hailisi Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of sealing waterproof testing equipment, with a variety of products up to tens of thousands. If your products also need waterproof, sealing requirements, welcome to call Harris technology.

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