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Bluetooth temperature sensor waterproof sealing test case sharing

As one of the most commonly used physical parameters in daily life, temperature is related to the national economy and people's livelihood, and is widely used in all walks of life.

The powerful function and convenience of Bluetooth temperature sensor make it widely used in all fields of daily life. In particular, some mature and stable sensors can be used in many fields-Working in harsh working environment of 40 ℃ - 70 ℃, it is suitable for laboratories, warehouses, food freezers, smart home, parking lot central air conditioning monitoring and other industries. In order to ensure the normal use of Bluetooth temperature sensor in complex environment without affecting its accuracy, more and more manufacturers will test the waterproof and sealing performance of Bluetooth temperature sensor.

The following figure is the Bluetooth temperature sensor we want to test today. From the appearance, we can see that the product is small in size, the shell is made of plastic, and the chip that can transmit temperature is placed inside the product. Therefore, the whole product needs to be completely waterproof. According to the needs of customers and the structural characteristics of products. Hiris sales engineer has worked out the following sealing solution for customers.

oneWaterproof grade:IP67

twoTest air pressure (simulated water pressure)14KPA

threeLower leakage limit:11kpa

fourUpper leakage limit:0.03kpa

fiveIntake time:5S, test time: 5S, voltage stabilization time: 5S

The above sealing test scheme is based on the customer's products for many times of experiments, the good products and bad products for many times of test data, not all productsIP67 testing solutions are all like this. If your product also needs to do sealing test, please consult Harris technology to get your waterproof testing solution for free.

Our waterproof detection method is to use compressed air instead of water to simulate the situation of products in water. Because the product in this test has no inflation port, it cannot be detected by directly inflating the product. We make a profiling mold according to the shape of the product. The more precise the mold is, the smaller the gap between the product and the mold is, and the more accurate the test results are.

The first step of the test is to place the test product in a good mold. When the upper and lower mold seals, the test pressure that is adjusted in advance will be passed into the mold through the trachea. After a certain test time and stable time, it can be directly viewed from the screen of our instrument, and whether the compressed air in the mold is entered into the product. If the air pressure in the mold continues to drop, it means that the air pressure in the mold has leaked into the product. Our air tightness testing equipment will judge whether the tested product is qualified according to the amount of air pressure drop and leakageOK or ng.

Our instrument can also install bar code scanning gun, which can directly export the test results of products, and provide data support for product quality tracking.

Hyris air tightness testing equipment is divided into six categories. Our company is used to test Bluetooth temperature sensor this timeHC classic series air tightness testing equipment. This equipment comes with two kinds of test methods of positive and negative pressure, which has high stability and is also the one most selected by customers. In addition to this one, the company also launched HL leader series, HP development series and HN embedded according to customer and market demand. In 2019, the company once again launched real water detection equipment that can test permeable membrane, which we defined as HW real water detection equipment. To learn more about our products, please call Harris technology.

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