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How does watch do waterproof test? Case sharing of Harris

When it comes to the waterproof test, maybe we don't pay attention to the waterproof function, because in ordinary life, no one will wear a watch to take a bath and swim, but the necessary life waterproof is essential. For example, when you wash your hands and face with a watch, you need to prevent water from splashing into the watch to prevent the watch from being damaged when it rains. Then the watch should be at least 3 ATM waterproof. Let's talk about HarrisAir tightness testing equipmentHow to test the waterproof of watch.


Hermes air tightness testing equipment is a way to test by air pressure, that is, put the watch into the mold cavity of the air tightness testing fixture, add a certain air pressure, calculate and measure the data change through the sensor, and then judge whether the sealing performance of the watch meets the requirements of water proof test.


At present, Harris technology has a unique test method and technology for watch waterproof detection technology, which is more powerful in test stability and detection speed. HarrisWaterproof testerThe highest waterproof grade can reach IP68 (the highest waterproof grade standard in the industry).

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