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Waterproof performance test scheme sharing of earphone battery compartment

Apple launched itsAfter airpods earphone, many earphone manufacturers have launched their own brand of true wireless Bluetooth earphone. Because the Bluetooth headset is relatively small, it needs a storage box. At the same time, the earphone body is small, and the battery life is short. When not in use, the earphone can be charged in the charging bin. The earphone charging chamber has two functions: storage and charging. With the popularity of waterproof sports earphone, the waterproof detection of earphone charging bin has been concerned by major manufacturers.


(headset charging compartment)

As an electronic product, the sealing and waterproof of earphone charging bin are closely related to the quality of the product. Especially in the outdoor use of headphones, will often contact with sweat, rain, battery compartment sealing and waterproof is related to the service life and quality of headphones. Therefore, it is necessary to test the waterproof and sealing performance of the battery compartment before leaving the factory. This time, the customer is going to do some work for the battery compartment of this earphoneWaterproof testing equipment


(waterproof testing equipment for battery compartment)

Customer testing requirements are as follows:

oneWaterproof grade:IP67 waterproof, etc

2.Detection efficiency:200 / hour

According to the customer's requirements, Harris technology has made the following detection scheme for customers:

one Test pressure: 13kpa (simulate the test pressure of the product when the water depth is 1m)

2. Allowable leakage: 0.1kpa (equivalent to 100Pa)

3. Test data: the air intake time is 3S, the pressure stabilization time is 5S, the test time is 5S, plus the loading and unloading time, the test time of a product should be 18S, and 200 products can be tested every hour, which can meet the needs of customers' factories.

Test process:


1.The operator places the earphone battery compartment on a mold specially made for the battery compartment.

2.After placing the product, start the start button on the fixture with both hands, and the upper mold will be pressed and sealed under the action of pneumatic.

3.After the mold seal is completed, it will enter the test phase, and the system will automatically air in-Three stages of voltage stabilization and testing

4.At the end of the test, the tester will automatically determine whether the battery compartment of the earphone is the right one according to the test results of the productOK or ng.

In the development of electronic productsAir tightness testOn the other hand, the airtightness testing scheme of Harris has been very mature, with thousands of electronic products tested. This time, we are using classic models of HarrisHC air tightness testing equipment, with positive and negative pressure test, the test accuracy can reach 1pA, this air tightness tester is not only suitable for headphone battery compartment, but also suitable for Bluetooth headset, face washer, electric toothbrush, electric razor and other electronic products that need waterproof.

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