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Waterproof detection method and application of watch for the aged

With the development and progress of smart watches, different watches are launched in the market for different people and needs. Among them, the elderly care watch is a custom-made watch for the elderly.


Compared with the traditional watch, the elderly care watch adds many other specific functions for the needs of the elderly: ultra precise GPS positioning, family calls, emergency calls, heart rate monitoring, sedentary reminder and other functions that can prompt the health of the elderly, providing a guarantee for the health of the elderly.

Because the environment of using the watch for the aged is complex, the manufacturer will monitor itWatch waterproof test。 This time, Harris technology will make IP68 waterproof testing equipment for this kind of elderly care watch.


According to the requirements of customers, the overall waterproof performance of this watch should be tested, especially whether the gap part and button part of the watch can reach IP68 waterproof level. According to the shape of the watch, we need to make a copying mold for the product. Indirectly test the sealing performance of internal products by filling the mold

According to the customer to do IP68 waterproof test grade requirements and product characteristics, after many times of testingAir tightness testThe test parameters are set as follows: air intake time 4S, pressure stabilization time 10s, test time 5S. The test pressure is 30KPa. The upper leakage limit is 0.1kpa. If the product can meet this requirement, the product is judged as OK. If it can not meet this requirement, the system will judge as ng

Harris technology has done different watch waterproof test equipment, such as 3atm watch waterproof test equipment, 5atm watch air tightness test equipment, smart watch IP67 air tightness test equipment. If you are interested in our company's waterproof test equipment, please call Harris technology for more details

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