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Application advantages of air tightness testing equipment in waterproof testing of face brushing machine

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, many enterprises and public service systems begin to integrate AI technology. Face recognition technology represents a new generation of computer AI technology, which is the most representative of artificial intelligence. Now many enterprises and public service equipment have begun to use the face brush. Face brush is also known as face recognition. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, face payment, face withdrawal, face entry, began to appear frequently in people's lives.Some enterprises have installed a face swipe punch in machine at the gate of the company. Some subway or railway stations are equipped with face brushing machines, which directly enter the station through face brushing. It greatly improves the efficiency and reduces the travel queuing time. Next, we will introduce the advantages of air tightness testing equipment for the waterproof testing of face brushing machine!

(face brush)

With the wide application of face brushing machine, the face brushing machine that can be used in outdoor also began to get wide demand. If the face brush is used outdoors, it needs to be waterproof. Otherwise, the internal circuit board of the face brushing machine is easy to be corroded by rain, causing short circuit.

For the waterproof detection of face brushing machine, the waterproof level tested by customers is generally IP67.

According to the appearance of the product, we can see that this face brushing machine does not have any inflation port. There is no way to directly inflate the test product without inflation port. It is necessary to make a mold for the product, place the product in the mold, and realize the air tightness test of the product by inflating the mold.

This kind of equipment that needs to place the test product in the mold and seal it for testing is called theSeal tester。 The figure below is made by Harris technology according to the shape of the test productAir tightness testing equipment

(details of air tightness test of face brushing machine)

As an electronic communication product, the face brush has a lot of circuit boards and electronic components. Once the water enters, the circuit board is easy to be damaged. Therefore, for this kind of electronic communication products, water can not be used for waterproof detection. Once the product waterproof performance is not good, it will suffer secondary damage due to water. Hermes air tightness testing equipment, using compressed air as testing medium, will not cause secondary damage to the product even if the product fails to pass the test. And because the molecules of air are smaller than those of water, the results are more accurate. So for electronic products waterproof detection, now the mainstream method is to useAir tightness testing equipment

(air tightness testing equipment for face brushing machine)

According to the waterproof grade of the product, the air tightness test pressure for the face brush is 10.5kpa, the air intake time is 5S, the pressure stabilization time is 5S, and the test time is 5S. The complete test time of a face brush is 15s

For different products and different waterproof grade. There will be differences in test pressure and set test parameters. It is mainly based on your test products to carry out many tests, summed up the final test parameters. Hermes air tightness testing equipment has high precision, good stability, and the testing accuracy can reach 1pA. Using compressed air for testing, there is no damage to the testing products, especially suitable for testing electronic products. It has provided air tightness testing equipment for thousands of customers and air tightness and waterproof testing solutions for tens of thousands of products. If you want to do waterproof testing for your products, please call Harris technology to provide you with a free waterproof testing scheme.

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