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Application case analysis of mobile phone waterproof bag sealing performance waterproof detection equipment

In the hot summer, water sports have become one of people's favorite activities, such as rafting and swimming. But when doing these water activities, there is no way to carry mobile phones with you, and you can't take photos anytime and anywhere,Making phone calls has caused a lot of trouble to people. Therefore, mobile phone waterproof bag came into being.

Mobile phone waterproof bag is a kind of decoration to protect mobile phone, with the function of waterproof and dustproofThe sealing design is stable and reliablePVC cold proof material can provide reliable protection for mobile phones, cameras and other digital products in the south, north, desert, mountains, streams, swimming pools and seaside.


(test product: mobile phone waterproof bag)

But once the mobile phone waterproof bag quality is not up to standard, the sealing performance is not good, it is very likely to damage the mobile phone inside. Therefore, mobile phone waterproof bag manufacturers need to test the sealing waterproof of all mobile phone waterproof bags.

There are two ways to test the sealing of the waterproof bag. One is to directly put the mobile phone waterproof bag in the water and observe whether the waterproof bag will enter the water. This method needs visual observation to see if there is water inflow, which may not be so accurate; At the same time, after the test is completed, the water on the product needs to be dried, so the test process is cumbersome.

The second is to use compressed air as the detection medium to detect the sealing performance of the waterproof bag of mobile phone. Air is omnipresent, and the molecules of gas are smaller than those of water, so it is more accurate to test the leakage of products with air. At the same time, air is colorless and tasteless, and will not adhere to the surface of products. There is no need for manual secondary cleaning. Therefore, the waterproof bag of mobile phone is compressed by compressed airWaterproof testIt is the most convenient method at present.


(mobile phone waterproof bag waterproof detection equipment)

What needs to be done this timeWaterproof test equipmentOur company specializes in the production of waterproof bags for mobile phones. Our daily production and sales are particularly large. Because the waterproof bag of mobile phone is a kind of FMCG with low price. The investment of manufacturers in air tightness testing equipment is not very much. According to the situation of customers, we have designed a single station waterproof testing equipment for customers, which can test multiple mobile phone waterproof bags at the same time. Four mobile phone waterproof bags can be put in one mold and tested at the same time. Not only will not let customers spend more money, but also meet the requirements of high efficiency of customer testing.


(mobile phone waterproof bag test mold)

The waterproof bag of this mobile phone needs to be exposed to water for a long time, and the mobile phone is placed inside, so the test conditions should be as strict as possible. According to the requirements of customers, the test pressure we use is300 kPa, equivalent to the waterproof grade of IP68. Because the mold is relatively large and there are four test products in it, the restart time and voltage stabilization time we set will be appropriately extended. The inflation time is 10s, the steady pressure time is 10s, and the test time is 5S.

Set the test parameters, connect the instrument and test tooling with the power supply and air source, and then start the test. The tester only needs to press the start button, and the instrument will automatically judge whether the product is qualified according to the parameters we set. Fool type operation, operation method will learn.

This model for customersWaterproof testing equipmentHigh cost performance as the starting point. The instrument selected for customers is HarrisHP development series air tightness detector,Pioneer series is a very mature and stable instrument with convenient operation interface and economic and practical cost performance, which has won high praise in the market. The function and performance parameters of the instrument can meet the needs of most customers.


HP pioneer series air tightness detector

Hiris technology has done a lot of waterproof testing equipment for mobile phones, including mobile phone, speaker, case and waterproof bag. If you are interested in waterproof testing of mobile phones and mobile phone accessories, please call hiris technology.

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