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5g antenna air tightness test method / waterproof test process sharing

In the past 20 years, we have witnessed the transformation of communication technology from 1g to 4G. The next generation of communication technology, 5g, is coming soon. 5g information transmission rate is ten times faster than 4G, I believe it will bring users a new experience. The high-speed information transmission capability of 5g also puts forward higher requirements for 5g base station and 5g antenna equipment. Whether it is a base station or a mobile terminal, the antenna acts as a middleware for transmitting and receiving signals. The hard conditions for 5g antenna will become more stringent.

Because 5g antenna is usually used outdoors, the use of the environment is more severe, so the 5g antenna waterproof test is necessary. Only when the antenna is well sealed, can it withstand the wind, rain and sun of the environment. To ensure that the transmission speed of the system is not affected. Therefore, the manufacturer of base station antenna or 5g antenna will conduct waterproof test or sealing test on the product.


Figure: hiris HC waterproof tester

Today, Harris TechnologyFor all of you5g antennaAir tightness test method/Waterproof test process,The following picture is the base station antenna we want to test. From the appearance of the picture, we can see that the product is rectangular and made of plastic, and the overall sealing effect is better. The place we want to test is whether the connection between the screw part and the plastic product is completely sealed.Because the product does not have any air filling holes, we need to make a profiling mold according to the customer's product shape. By pouring a certain amount of compressed air into the mold, we can observe the change of air pressure in the mold in real time through our air tightness detector, so as to judge whether the product has leakage.


Picture: 5g communication wire

Harris air tightness tester test fast, according to the size of the product, the test time will change, the general test time is between 10s-20s. According to the customer's requirements, the test time of this test product is 4S, the voltage stabilizing time is 3S, the inflation time is 3S, and the complete test time of a product is 10s

According to the requirement of the customer's waterproof grade is IP67, a test pressure of 10KPA is set for the customer, which corresponds to the customer's waterproof grade. According to different test ranges, Harris air tightness tester can be divided into low-pressure instrument, standard pressure instrument and high-pressure instrument. The lower the pressure range is, the higher the instrument precision is. The standard instrument range of Harris air tightness tester is - 60 ~ 150kPa, and the test accuracy is better than 1pA. This range is suitable for waterproof test of most products, such as waterproof test of electronic wearable products, air tightness test of instant messaging, sealing test of auto parts, etc


Figure: air tightness test details - mold

After setting the mold and test parameters of the product, the air tightness tester and tooling can be connected with air source and power supply. Set the test program of the product on the instrument, and you can start to test the product. Before the full inspection of the product, the tester needs to test two pre prepared products (one is the product with air leakage, the other is the qualified product) to see if the test results of our air tightness tester are consistent with the actual situation of the product. If it is consistent, the full inspection shall be started. If it is inconsistent, the air tightness test shall be started after checking the instrument and test tooling to ensure that the instrument and test tooling are normal.


Figure: 5g antenna air tightness test equipment - air tightness tester + test tooling

Advantages of using Hermes air tightness testing instrument:

1. High sensitivity pressure sensing and regulating unit, combined with advanced differential pressure software algorithm, the minimum resolution can reach 0.1pA, which has won the national patent

2. The patented technology of "IVT pneumatic sealing valve island" independently developed by Harris greatly improves the test accuracy, ensures the stability of the instrument, and greatly improves the inflation speed.

3. Multiple test functions: the instrument integrates two positive and negative pressure forms and eight test methods: two pressure forms and five test methods can be written into more than 20 test functions.

4. It has more than 200 groups of subroutines. Each group of subroutines can be programmed independently, selected and combined to meet various complex test requirements

5. Full touch large screen intelligent operating system, graphical UI design based on detection process, simple and clear operation interface, easy to teach and learn

6. A variety of pressure regulating components and ranges are available. Wide range of air pressure (- 80kPa & amp; mdash; 1MPa) optional. Multi group pressure sequence test can be realized by selecting electronic pressure regulating valve

7. Multiple communication interfaces: built in RS232 serial port, RJ45 network port, USB communication interface, LTP external I / O control port, supporting a variety of communication protocols

8. Bar code scanning function and printer can be purchased to facilitate product data management and quality traceability. Up to 200000 historical records of the instrument can be exported to the computer in batches

9. The standard volume identification function can automatically identify the volume of the sample to be tested, and measure and judge the leakage rate in the way of volume.

10. Ultra high stability, and ease of use, after a rigorous test of the market.

11. A variety of accessories are available, including inflatable bypass, quick connector and standard leak. At the same time, the instrument supports third-party calibration and can issue calibration report.


Figure: parameter table of HC air tightness tester

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