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How to test the waterproof function of diving camera? Harris answers for you online

It's hard for ordinary people to see the fantastic underwater world in person, but we can see the wonderful underwater world through TV photos and other video materials; Diving camera not only reflects the underwater scene, such as the life of aquatic animals and plants, the geological data of seabed and riverbed, archaeological discoveries, etc. At the same time, diving camera is widely used in scientific research, military technology, sports, teaching and so on. Because the camera needs to work underwater for a long time, we have to consider whether the waterproof and air tightness of the camera (the air tightness detection level needs to reach IP68 level) is qualified; If the air tightness of the camera is not good enough, not only the function of the equipment will be damaged, but also the service life of the camera will be affected, resulting in the loss of customers. At this time, we need a sealed detection equipment to detect the waterproof performance of the diving camera. This article introduces how to test the waterproof function of diving camera.

1、 What is the traditional water immersion detection method?

Water immersion test is to immerse the product in water. It takes several minutes or longer to test a product. Long and short time immersion will indirectly corrode the product, which will easily cause damage to the product appearance and internal parts; Secondly, through the subjective consciousness of the staff to judge whether it is qualified, it is easy to lead to the test results are not ideal; And the speed is slow, which is not conducive to mass production.

2、 What is the testing principle of waterproof and air tightness of Harris technology?

Hyris technology uses the principle of pressure decreasing method to detect the product with air as the medium, and detects the characteristics of small leakage in a short time. A sealed mold should be made according to the shape of the diving camera. The conventional camera has a high degree of precision. After the mold is closed up and down, we can judge whether the air tightness (sealing performance) of the product can achieve the desired effect through the change of air pressure inside the mold.


Figure: Diving camera waterproof test equipment

Parameter setting of diving camera:

The waterproof grade of this customer test is IP68, the test pressure is 100KPA, the leakage line is 0.1kpa, the air intake time is 4S, the pressure stabilization time is 15s, and the test time is 8s. The whole product is small, so it can be directly made into a downward pressing mold, which is convenient for the operator to take and place the product. Adopting double working position design, two products can be placed at one time, with high speed, high precision, time and labor saving; Hiris technology has been adhering to the "one-stop" to solve the problem of sealing test for customers, and to improve every detailSealing testDetails.


Photo: Diving camera products

3、 What are the advantages of waterproof and air tightness detector?

The air tightness tester is used to test the sealing performance of products and has the following advantages:

1. High efficiency: because the viscosity of water is greater than that of gas, the traditional water immersion detection method has the advantages of fast air tightness detection speed, high efficiency and no need to dry the product;

2. Safe and pollution-free: water immersion detection will cause pollution to the product, which is easy to indirectly corrode the product and is not conducive to the product object;

3. Simple operation: the air tightness detector is easy to operate and can quickly master the operation method without long-time training;

4. Low cost: compared with helium leak detector, it only needs clean compressed gas instead of helium; It takes a few minutes to detect a product with traditional water immersion detection method, but it only takes a few seconds to more than ten seconds to detect a product with air tightness detector, which saves a lot of manpower, material resources and time;

5. High reliability: microcomputer control system is used in the air tightness detector, and the detection result is judged automatically by microcomputer according to the set value, and the result is reliable;

6.& ensp; Strong compatibility: the air tightness detector is compatible with MES system and customized according to the requirements of customers. At the same time, we have also developed a series of single station, double station high-precision leak detectors and multi-channel high-precision leak detectors to meet the needs of mass production and mass detection of customers;

Hiris technology has done air tightness testing for many cameras for customers, and the types of cameras include outdoor installation cameras, vehicle cameras, underwater mirrors, etc. if you have technical questions or want to know more about the camera testing scheme.

The above is the case sharing. For more technical consultation, please call 0755-33582826. Or contact Harris technology online customer service.

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