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Hiris technology mobile phone horn waterproof detection solution

Now a lot of mobile phones have waterproof function, manufacturers in order to ensure the overall waterproof performance of mobile phones, generally will do the same for mobile phone accessoriesWaterproof test。 As a voice accessory, the mobile phone speaker is防水检测It's an important part of. The loudspeaker diaphragm on the loudspeaker is waterproof,The speaker and the shell are pressed by rubber rings to prevent water。 Harris手机喇叭Waterproof testInstrument is to test whether the product is completely waterproof, the defective products through our instrument detection.

The test object of this test is mobile phone horn. According to the customer's requirements, the test pressure of the customer's products should be increased150kPa, because the product is very small, we set the intake time is 3 seconds, the pressure stabilization time is 5 seconds, and the test time is 3 seconds. Because the product is relatively small, the output is relatively large, and the customer's budget in terms of air tightness testing equipment is limited, hiris engineer designed an air tightness tester for the customer, which can test three products at the same time, which not only meets the customer's requirements, but also saves the cost.

It can be seen from the picture that the mobile phone speaker is very small, and the internal space is relatively small, which is also the difficulty of the test. If the internal space of the product is too small, a small amount of test air will fill the internal space of the product in the inflation stage, and it is difficult to test whether the product leaks. The airtightness test of Harris solves this problem. Harris air tightness tester has a special detection program for small product leakage.

Air tightness test process of mobile phone horn

First of all, connect the instrument and tooling to the power supply and air source. Because the test medium is compressed air, the air source is necessary, and the air supply pressure needs to be in the range of 02 MPa.

On the interface of the instrument, set the test parameters and supply air pressureAfter all the parameters are set, the test product can be put into the mold to start the air tightness test.

Advantages of Hermes air tightness detector

1.The stability of Harris instrument is good. Equipped with high sensitivity imported pressure regulating valve, air pressure problem, good stability.

twoHarris is cost-effective. The quality of Harris is the best in China, and the price is superior in China.

threeHarris has a good reputation forMore than 1000 customer service, more than 4000 sets of equipment used throughout the country, reputation has been unanimously recognized.

If you are right防水测试If you are interested in equipment, air tightness tester, please call Harris technology.

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