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3 seconds to complete the air tightness and waterproof test of automobile wiring harness, right in Hercules technology

Automotive wiring harness is the general term for all kinds of accessory parts of cables and connectors. Automotive wiring harness is like the blood and nervous system of human body, running through all parts of the car, connecting all electronic parts, transmitting power and data.In order to ensure the stability of the harness system, we must combine the working environment of each area of the vehicle to determine the corresponding protection design of the harness in each area. Waterproofing is an important part of harness designEvery manufacturer must pay attention to.

Waterproof inspection mould for automobile wire harness

Waterproof of wire harness is a necessary content in wire harness design. Once the waterproof design fails, it is easy to cause the electrical system to work abnormally, affect the vehicle comfort, and even cause great safety risks.

Product to be tested: automotive wiring harness

To ensure the safety of the carWiring harness can achieveIP68Waterproof grade,The wire harness with waterproof treatment needs to be tested to see if it can meet the waterproof performance required by the manufacturer, because considering the limitation of industrialization and many conditions, the manufacturer generally uses air tightnessDetectorFor carsWaterproof test of wiring harness.

Test parameters of airtight waterproof testing equipment

According to the needs of customers, we need toThe sealing ring on the data charging interface of the automobile wiring harness is usedIP68For waterproof grade test, Harris technology uses the following testing equipment and solutions:

Equipment used: HarrisHLPilot series air tightness tester

Solution: using direct test method, according to the structure of the test product, the mold is designed for plugging the threading hole. After the product is put into the mold and the start key is pressed, the upper mold is pressed down and the lower mold is closed to test the contact part between the sealing threading hole and the line. Test pressure110KPA,Inflation time10S,Voltage stabilization10S, test time5SThe instrument detects the sealing condition of the product by monitoring the change of air pressure, and judges the test results according to the test parametersOKorNG

HarrisHLPilot series air tightness tester

Shenzhen hairuisi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was established intwo thousand and eightYear,10Over the years, we have been focusing on air tightness testing, waterproof testing, sealing testingIPR & D, production and sales of waterproof testing equipment.applicationWith our own professional knowledge and rich practical experience, we provide customers with high efficiency, high quality and high reliability products and services.

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