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Bluetooth headset waterproof test method and technical principle

At present, electronic products are closely related to life, and from the perspective of fashion, Bluetooth sports headset is the coolest and most popular device nowadays! At present, many manufacturers have launched waterproof Bluetooth headset. And the real waterproof Bluetooth headset waterproof level is also a level of distinction. In dustproof and waterproof, the highest dustproof grade is 6, and the highest waterproof grade is 8. The dustproof and waterproof grade of Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth speaker is generally IP67, dustproof grade is 6, and waterproof grade is 7. So how do we do to meet the different IP levels of Bluetooth headset waterproof and dustproof? How to determine whether the Bluetooth headset meets the IP67 waterproof level? Today, Harris will show you the detection method and technical principle of Bluetooth headset waterproof test.

The main grade of waterproof part is 0-8, which means no protection; Level 1 can eliminate the harmful effect of vertical drop; The second stage can block the splash of 15 degrees in the vertical direction; The third level can block the splash of 60 degrees in the vertical direction; Grade 4 can eliminate the harmful effect of splashing water droplets from different directions; Grade 5 can eliminate the harmful effect on the jet flow of nozzles in all directions; Grade 6 can eliminate the harmful effect on the strong jet flow of nozzles in all directions. The top of level 7 is 0.15 & amp; mdash; 1 meter, continuous 30 minutes, performance is not affected, no water leakage; The top of level 8 is 1.5 & amp; from the water surface; mdash; 30 meters, continuous 30 minutes, performance is not affected, no water leakage.

The birth of water Bluetooth headset is inseparable from the nano waterproof coating, which is a colorless transparent, moisture-proof, sweat proof, acid-base salt corrosion-resistant liquid product. During the assembly process, soak the earphone PCB in nano liquid (Note: earphone manufacturers can add this process after all PCB components are pasted and soldered), soak the PCB in liquid for 3-5 seconds, take out the PCB, dry it naturally for 5-10 minutes, and then conduct drip test.

Finally, the appearance of USB seams for waterproof interference processing, a waterproof Bluetooth headset can be sold.

Xiaobian here suggests that you choose Bluetooth headset according to the actual situation. The higher the waterproof level, the better the waterproof performance and the higher the price. Of course, you can't take Bluetooth headset to take a bath at any time. After all, safety is the first!

For the detection method of Bluetooth headset waterproof test, first of all, connect the product to be tested, such as Bluetooth headset, with IP67 waterproof tester (air tightness tester) of Shenzhen Harris. In this process, we need to make a fixture for Bluetooth headset or products to carry out the waterproof test of IP67 of Bluetooth headset. Specific column earphone waterproof test process and precautions, detection principle can be the company's official website telephone consultation.

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