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Waterproof test of SIM card of mobile phone

In the era of mobile electronic consumer market, there is a performance that manufacturers have been working hard to overcome, that is, SIM Cato waterproof test. In the manufacture of mobile phone SIM card, whether the mobile phone SIM card can achieve the waterproof test is another upgrade of the waterproof test technology of the mobile phone SIM card. In today's waterproof test market, what we know is that in the military industry and three defense machine industry, we have always maintained the good habit of waterproof test. But at present, we rarely see this kind of mobile phone in the market, which is also a pain point of the three prevention machine. The reason is that it is bulky and beautiful, which can not be accepted by the consumer groups. But after Samsung and Apple launched waterproof mobile phones in the consumer market one after another, this market has a big impact, because it can not only ensure the convenience and beauty of the mobile phone, but also ensure that the mobile phone does not have any impact even if it is soaked in water, so that the consumer groups can play with the mobile phone while taking a bath like Japanese girls. When it comes to the waterproof test principle of mobile phone Cato, it is estimated that many people are thinking about this problem.

If our smart phones need to do a good waterproof test, there are many problems to be solved, such as SIM card holder, charging port, headphone port, front shell LCD, side keys, card holder, home key and back antenna. For the waterproof test of these components, today, Shenzhen Harris will explain to the industry how to carry out the waterproof test of SIM card of mobile phone with the waterproof test of SIM card of mobile phone.

Details of SIM Cato waterproof test solution for mobile phone:

The SIM Cato waterproof test system of Harris mobile phone first uses the way of pressure attenuation to test the waterproof of the product to judge whether the product is waterproof. The detection medium is compressed air. The detectable efficiency is up to 5ppm. It is very practical in the mobile phone consumer market

Schematic diagram of hiris SIM card detection

Hiris's hiris mobile phone SIM Cato waterproof test instrument supports the function of positive and negative pressure. It can be applied to different working conditions. The test pressure can reach - 40kpa-150kpa, which fully meets the needs of mobile phone waterproof test. At the same time, the leakage resolution can reach 1pA, so that any leakage can be detected. And the machine has been upgraded many times, can support bar code scanning, history recording, etc. The data can be uploaded to the factory ERP through the industrial serial port. At the same time, there are multiple external output controls, which can be upgraded to be more automatic.

The following is the demonstration of SIM Cato waterproof test case of Shenzhen Harris mobile phone:

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