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Testing scheme of hiris IP67 mobile phone waterproof tester

As a mobile phone waterproof testing expert, Harris technology has studied mobile phone waterprooftenAt present, there are mature waterproof detection solutions and equipment for various mobile phone accessories, such as mobile phone, mobile phone shell, fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock, etchomeKey, mobile phone MICONUSBInterface, camera, ventilation valve, waterproof ventilation film, mobile phone keys, mobile phone card and other components of the waterproof detection scheme and equipment.

Harris mobile phone waterproof test has been recognized by the majority of production and manufacturers, and currently serves customers: apple, MotorolaoppoHuawei, Shunfeng mobile phone, Dongfang tuoyu, fuzhikang, Dongda integration, Bowen optics, Xinli, Lingfeng, Lansi and other well-known mobile phone manufacturers at home and abroad. As the preferred brand of mobile phone waterproof tester, Harris technology mobile phone waterproof tester is in continuous delivery. The following is Harris technologyIP67Mobile phone waterproof tester distribution real shot.

Harris TechnologyIP67Outgoing drawing of mobile phone waterproof tester


Harris TechnologyIP67Assembly drawing of mobile phone waterproof tester


Harris TechnologyIP67Factory inspection chart of mobile phone waterproof tester


Harris TechnologyIP67Packing and distribution diagram of mobile phone waterproof tester

The above contents are the actual pictures taken by Harris technology, and embezzlement must be investigated. I hope that the waterproof tester of Harris technology can solve the waterproof problem for mobile phone production and manufacturers.

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