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Circuit board sealing detection solution

Circuit board sealing test has always been the focus of electronic information manufacturing industry, becauseCircuit boardIt is the framework of supporting components and the pipe connecting electrical signals, which plays a supporting and interconnection role in electronic equipment. Once the seal is not in place, it may be damaged by moisture, salt spray, moisture and dust, which will cause equipment failure and paralysis. This time, Harris technology needs to develop a sealing test solution for a circuit board manufacturer. The following is a brief introduction of our solution.

1、 Customer sealing test requirements

Because the circuit board is a precision component, customers hope that our sealing tester can realize the non-destructive testing of products, and then can test different sealing grades, and record the test data, so as to provide scientific data reference for the later production process improvement.

2Influence of circuit board sealing process on seal detection

The circuit board sealing test is not simple, mainly affected by three factors. One is the sealing process of the circuit board. Manufacturers generally use the sealing method of pouring sealant and spraying three proofing paint. If it is necessary to detect the sealing degree with high precision, it is not easy to control. The second is the structure of the circuit board, which is divided into single panel, double-sided board and multi-layer circuit board according to the number of layers. The product has no inflation port, which is a board structure, which challenges the sealing detection method. Thirdly, the size of the circuit board is different from that of the board. If it is necessary to realize the seal detection of various types of circuit boards, the cost is high. And the above three problems are the difficulties that Harris technology has to solve for users.


Real shot of circuit board to be tested

3Solution Brief

When testing the circuit board level, we first customized a specific mold for it, put the product to be tested, and connect the mold, tooling and instrument. The use of the mold can not only protect the circuit board from damage in the detection, but also form a sealed detection environment when the upper and lower molds are closed, which solves the problem of inconvenient sealing of the plate.


Hermes technology circuit board seal detector tooling

Before starting, set the parameter data of waterproof level, inflate the mold indirectly, press the start button, and let the instrument charge a certain amount of gas into the mold. The gas will have a pressure stabilizing process in the mold, and at the same time, a certain pressure will be formed on the periphery of the product. The product is tested by judging the change of the peripheral pressure of the product. The test results and data will be saved to the detector. If you need to extract them, you can download them.


Detail drawing of circuit board seal detector of Harris Technology

In solving the problem of different product testing, users can replace the corresponding tooling. The hermetic tester of Harris circuit board has entered a variety of waterproof grade testing parameters, not limited to one waterproof grade test. It can support leak test, blocking test, positive pressure test, negative pressure test and other leak test methods, and fully support the detection requirements of circuit board manufacturers.

4Product exhibition of hermetic tester for circuit board


Product drawing of circuit board seal detector of Harris Technology

5Parameter display


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