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Case study on sealing test of mobile phone case

Whether a mobile phone has good waterproof performance, the sealing of mobile phone is the key, and the waterproof of mobile phone shell, as the first key of waterproof, is the focus of many manufacturers.As a well-known company in the industry, Harris TechnologyThe R & D and manufacturer of sealing test equipment, we also developed a perfect test scheme for the sealing of mobile phone shell, and through the example verification, we realized the effective and feasible sealing test. The following is our mobile phone shell sealing test case display.


The results of the test are as followsMobile phone shell

The picture above shows the mobile phone case tested by Harris technology, which belongs to the front cover of the mobile phone. We can see from the figure that the mobile phone shell is an unclosed structure, with camera holes, microphone holes, device slots, button slots, nut holes, etc. distributed on the shell. The shell is a curved design, and the mobile phone shell is concave and convex.

However, the structure of the mobile phone case brings difficulties to the sealing test. First of all, the mobile phone shell is a single board structure, the distribution of holes is different in size, the front and side are distributed, the location is not fixed. This requires us to use auxiliary equipment for testing, to deal with all the holes in a unified way, to achieve the closed state of the shell. So Harris technology has customized its own mold for the mobile phone case,When the upper and lower dies are closed, all the holes in the shell are blocked, forming a good sealing detection space. In addition, this sealed space allows the mobile phone case to be free from external interference during detection,ensureThe mobile phone case is not damaged in the detection.


Hermetic tester for mobile phone case

Secondly, becauseThe mobile phone case does not have an inflation port, so Harris technology needs to use the indirect detection method, but we need to pay attention to one point in the sealing test. namely:Strictly control the detection pressure to avoid the deformation of the mobile phone case, resulting in the late installation failure. Therefore, Harris technology has installed a precision pressure sensor on the sealing tester to strictly monitor the air pressure change in the mold and control the detection air pressure within a certain range. After the detector inflates the die, the air pressure inside the die is monitored. Finally, through a series of calculations, the leakage value of the gas can be obtained, and the air tightness and IP waterproof grade of the mobile phone case can be detected according to the leakage value. The following is a detailed picture of the mobile phone case detected by the sealing tester.



The sealing tester has entered the stage of mass production and assembly, and will be put into production line soon.In addition to the sealing tester and solution of the mobile phone case, Harris technology also has the following functions: mobile phone complete machine, fingerprint lockhomeKey, mobile phone MICONUSBInterface, camera, ventilation valve, waterproof ventilation membrane, mobile phone keys, mobile phone card and other components of the waterproof have mature detection scheme and equipment.

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