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Training of airtightness tester for hiris smart Bracelet

Hercules technology needs toAir tightness detection of smart BraceletThe customer of the instrumentEquipment operation training, in order to strengthen the use and management of customer equipment, reduce operators' misoperation of air tightness detector, and continuously improve the quality and skills of operators. The following is the on-site display of the training.


Air tightness detection of smart BraceletApplication chart of instrument production line

First of all, the technology and technical personnel of herrense gave a detailed introduction to the customersAir tightness detection of smart BraceletDetection of the instrumentPrinciple, instrument structure, equipment performance, use, etc., so that customers can quickly and more comprehensively understand the development of Harris technologyAir tightness testInstrument.


Air tightness detection of smart BraceletClose up of mould

Secondly, introduce and demonstrate the equipment operation procedures, and explain the relevant regulations of equipment management, so that customers can correctly use and carefully maintain the equipmentAir tightness detection of smart BraceletIn order to achieve the best effect. In this link, we require the customer staff to operate the computer, experience and be familiar with the operation process.


On site operation of hiris technical personnelAir tightness detection of smart Braceletinstrument

Finally, Harris technology explained to customersAir tightness detection of smart BraceletInstrument maintenance work, includingClean, lubricate, inspect, monitor, adjust, fasten and arrange the equipment& amp; ensp;


Air tightness detection of smart BraceletReal shooting of production line inspection for instrument customers

The training service of Harris technology has been highly recognized by customers. After personnel training, it can realize the rapid operation of equipment, reduce the training cycle of personnel, and speed up the training processAir tightness detection of smart BraceletThe instrument is put into production line testing.

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