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Desktop - access slide DA1Y

Series: Desktop Code: D

Tooling: Common Code: A

Station: Single Code: 1

Structure: Standard Code: Y

Dimensions: l 350 * W 490 * h 630

Cylinder size: optional 32, 63, 80, 100, 125

Maximum die: 220 * 180

Tooling overview

Hermes air tightness detector needs to cooperate with tooling equipmentoneA complete air tightness detection system. according toCustomer needs and product sealing parts, need to produce different tooling equipment. At present, the main equipment manufacturer of herrenseThere should be desktop type equipment and cabinet type equipment. Cabinet type equipment can be divided into upper computer cabinet according to different instrumentsEmbedded equipment and embedded cabinet equipment.

Detailed introduction

Product Name: desktop slide in and out single station tooling

Series classification: desktop model selection code: D

Tooling type: common type, type selection code: a

Number of stations: single station type selection code: 1

Structural features: standard type, type selection code: y

Dimensions: l 350 * W 490 * h 630

Cylinder size: optional 326380100125, other models consult customer service

Maximum die: 220 * 180

Fast die change: support

Production capacity: single pressure test 120 (based on test cycle of 30s)

Application: large and high volume products, such as speaker, battery, box, etctry

Desktop tooling selection information

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