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HW real water leakage detector

It has high sensitivity, accuracy and repeatability.

The results can be traced.

Built in flow detection function.

Instrument overview

HW real water tester is an instrument specially developed by Harris for the test of waterproof and breathable membrane. It not only has the function of generating simulated test water pressure, but also can automatically identify whether the waterproof and breathable membrane leaks under the action of simulated water pressure. The measurement results can be quantified, which improves the disadvantages of manual confirmation, It makes it possible to test, judge and produce the products with waterproof and breathable film automatically, which can improve the efficiency of customers and ensure the quality of products.

technical specifications

Scope of application

Test of waterproof and breathable film

Model and style

Characteristics of multichannel true water testing equipment

1. High sensitivity, accurate data, leakage data can be quantified.

2. The number of equipment channels can be flexibly customized according to customers' requirements to meet the UPH planning.

3. It has the alarm function of qualified and unqualified products, which can eliminate the possibility of manual misjudgment and misinspection.

4. 25pin I / O port is provided for external input signal and control of external cylinder. At the same time, the communication port contains RS232 / 485 for users.

5. Provide special upper computer software demo; It is convenient to monitor the test results and set various parameters during the leakage test. Modbus communication protocol is provided to facilitate the secondary development of customers.

6. We can provide customized software services, including database, MES and so on.

7. Provide overall solutions, testing and measurement, automatic docking, tooling design and other services.

Application case of true water tester

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