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Hd-28 ingenuity series instruments

The differential pressure test method has high precision and good stability.

Support TCP / IP protocol and Modbus protocol. Network cable connection, router allocation, large-scale expansion is very convenient.

Provide the demo program of PC end and (Kunlun, Tongshi, Xinjie, Weilun) human-machine interface end.

Instrument overview

Hd-28 diligent series differential pressure tester is mainly used with automation equipment, and it is applied to large quantities of products, where the test rhythm and efficiency are required to be high. The instrument adopts differential pressure measurement method, with high precision and good stability. Compact structure and small size. Support the mainstream human-machine interface system (such as Weilun, Xinjie, Kunlun, etc.) and provide the demo program of PC and human-machine interface. It is very convenient for secondary development. It is suitable for automation equipment integration and high-speed testing in large quantities and multi-channel, and provides competitive price.

Product parameters

Communication mode

Model and style

Calibration certificate

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