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HS smart series instruments

It has the function of recording test data.

It has 50 user subroutines.

Built in lithium battery, air pump, no external power supply, gas source.

Instrument overview

Smart smart series is a portable air tightness test instrument launched by Harris technology. With the characteristics of small and portable, it is popular in the air tightness testing market. The function and performance parameters of the instrument can meet the needs of most customers, and at the same time, it also takes into account the cost performance. It is very suitable for outdoor use, after-sales outlets for air tightness testing, and sampling inspection on the production line.

Detailed description of instrument features

The 7-inch human-machine touch screen interface is convenient for users to set test parameters and view test records.

At the same time, there are red and green indicator lights on the touch screen to indicate whether the test is ng and qualified.

With the function of recording test data, the test data can be downloaded to U disk and displayed by computer.

Communication interface, USB port, serial port.

With 50 user subroutines, users can test products of different models and sizes by setting parameters of subroutines on the touch screen.

It can detect the air tightness and water resistance of the workpiece, and has the characteristics of high precision and strong versatility.

Built in lithium battery, no additional power supply, easy to carry, outdoor maintenance, after-sales network maintenance.

Built in vacuum generator / air compressor, without external air source.

Product parameters

Model and style

Application scenarios

Hermes HS smart series air tightness tester comes with lithium battery and built-in air pump (positive pressure type or negative pressure type can be selected), so the instrument can be carried manually to complete the air tightness test task. It does not need to carry power supply and compressed air source, and the test can be completed completely by the instrument itself, which solves the requirement that the traditional air tightness tester must have test air source and test power supply.

After sales network maintenance: such as waterproof mobile phones, walkie talkies, battery packs, etc.

Outdoor maintenance: installation of outdoor waterproof lamps after maintenance, etc.

technical parameter

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