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HN pilot series instruments

It has strong scalability and multiple groups of sensors.

The screen size supports customization.

The standard configuration adopts Hirays full function valve island.

Instrument overview

Navigation series is a kind of instrument specially designed for automation field. It has very high flexibility and scalability. With modular design, the control system is independent of the executive part. The system can control multiple execution modules to form multi-channel test. At the same time, it also takes into account the cost performance!

Detailed description of instrument features

It can quickly form multi-channel test and greatly shorten the development cycle of automation.
The screen size supports customization. The embedded system is equipped with 7-inch standard and can be customized to 10.4-inch; Industrial computer screen ruler
There is no limit.
High flexibility, the function can be added or deleted according to the demand.
Strong expansibility, multi group sensors.
The analysis and control system can adopt industrial control computer plus control card or embedded system to facilitate MES system
Integration and implementation.
The standard configuration adopts Harris full function valve island, positive and negative pressure forms and 8 test methods; Two types of pressure can be applied
Force form and 8 kinds of test methods are programmed into more than 20 test functions.
Multiple communication protocols and interfaces: built in RS232 and RS485 serial ports, USB2.0 interface, external I / O control port.
The bar code scanning function and upper computer software can be selected to facilitate the product data management and quality traceability, as well as the history of the instrument
Up to 500000 records.

Instrument parameters

Model and style

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