The Ningbo Branch of Shenzhen Hairuisi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established




In the early autumn, the breeze swept over Zhejiang. The Ningbo Branch of Shenzhen Hairuisi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established on September 2, 2022.



Everything is ready. Will you come to see me~

It is located in the nonferrous metal city of Yuyao City. The detail address is No. 903 information center, No. 2085, Chengdong Road, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province.


As the lower reaches of the Yangtze River Delta, Zhejiang is adjacent to Jiangsu and Shanghai. It is not only an integral part of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, but also directly connected with the "Gold Coast" of Fujian and Guangdong in the southeast.


Ningbo Hairuisi is established in Zhejiang, which is an important strategic layout for the development of Hairuisi technology. Ningbo Hairuisi will continue to adhere to the development direction of Hairuisi's vision of "continuing to create value for customers with professional technology", focusing on Zhejiang customers, radiating national air leakage testing, and even oversea leak industry.


It is hoped that Ningbo hairuisi will actively grasp the advantages of its geographical location, seize opportunities, constantly enhance the ability of personnel and capital allocation, and achieve leapfrog development with higher quality integrated services.


We look forward to your presence and witness the birth of Ningbo Hairuisi.

Posted in on Sep 2022-09-02.
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