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How to choose the air tightness detector suitable for our products

At present, many products in the consumer market have different requirements for air tightness detection. According to the appearance and performance of different products, the selection of air tightness detector is also different.

First of all, let's talk about several steps that need to be evaluated before selecting a leakage tester

1、When the company'sWhen the quality engineer is responsible for determining the specifications, production process and test procedures of new parts,Product manufacturerThe cost and benefit of leak testing should be considered first to determine if a test component is required.

2If it is determined that leak testing is necessary for manufactured components, the next step is to determine the potential leak path. Common areas include welding, sealing, microcracks and pinholes. Most leaks are small and invisible to the naked eye, which is why accurate, data rich test results are needed.

3After determining the potential leakage path, the engineer establishes the leakage rate rejection limit for the application according to the theoretical calculation, industry specifications and comparison with similar existing application specifications. One of the most common ways to establish rejection levels is to measure the leakage rate of products returned by customers.

4、Next, the manufacturing engineer can cooperate with the manufacturer's engineer who produces the air tightness tester,Determine the most appropriate leak test method for the application,No matter whatDifferential pressure attenuationPositive pressure test or negative pressure test or flow test.According to the company's budgetProduct specifications,Defined test methods and production integration requirements,productThe manufacturer can choose the leakage test instrument most suitable for his needs.

5largeMany times,productManufacturers hopeThe air tightness tester can be combined with the production line. In this case, once theThe leakage tester is selected, air tightness tester engineer can contactWork closely with customers and machine manufacturers to design customized fixtures to meet customer testing requirements.

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