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How to do air tightness test for sealed fresh box?

Many things in life need to be sealed, such as the food industry. In recent years, the import and export development trend of sealed fresh-keeping boxes is getting better and better,

High quality vacuum fresh-keeping box can not only adhere to the freshness of fruits and vegetables, but also avoid cross flavor in the refrigerator. Now, vacuum fresh-keeping box is widely used in families, and its sealing function has a very important impact on the quality of sealed fresh-keeping box.

Using calculator control mode, manual operation mode, air as the medium for air tightness detection, through theAir tightness testing equipmentThe pressure parameter is - 80 to 120 kPa, and the pressure precision is 0.1 MPa.

Compared with the traditional equipment, the precision and stability of hiris intelligent differential pressure are better. The test method can also be adjusted more easily, and the speed is also improved obviously. At present, Harris has been established for more than 11 years and has served more than 2000 enterprises. Because of focusAir tightness testSo it is worthy of customers' trust!

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