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What are the types of air tightness testing equipment?

What's on the market nowAir tightness test equipmentIt has many advantages, especially in recent yearsAir tightness testing equipmentlead

The author'sHarrisAir tightness testing equipmentAccording to its application, test object and test medium, it can be divided into different types of air tightness test

Test equipment.

According to the use of occasions: can be divided into production workshop with air tightness testing machine and laboratory with air tightness testing machine

According to the test object: it can be divided into faucet air tightness tester, pipe fitting air tightness tester, air tank air tightness tester, etc.

According to test media: it can be divided into water test type air tightness tester and gas test type air tightness tester.

HarrisDevelopedAir tightness detectorIt can be used to test air pressure attenuation leak detection, vacuum attenuation leak detection and mass flow test,

Burst test, valve opening pressure test, and other gas leakage detection.

The company has experienced 9 years from 2008 to 2016, integrating rich experience in air tightness detection and new technology development. Today's new

High end intelligent automationAir tightness testing equipmentIt's already out there.HarrisAir tightness detection system can be used according to different requirements

Purpose, such as waterproof detection, sealing detection, leakage detection, IP level detection, to detect the corresponding effect, intuitive and easy to operate

The operation interface of gas detection system is more practical.

This article comes fromHarrisAutomation:海瑞思Automation( precision气密性检测设备

Pioneers, focusing on mobile phone waterproof detection, camera waterproof detection, IP waterproof level detection, wire waterproof detection, speaker waterproof detection

Water detection and other seal detection equipment.


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