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Waterproof test of mobile phone tray

Preventing water from entering the mobile phone has always been a pain point for usersCato waterproof testFor a handWaterproof testAt the same time, it allows users to expand the use of the scene, realize underwater shooting and improve playability. In addition, supporting random cleaning will greatly improve the cleanliness of the mobile phone and protect the health of users. Waterproof electronic products have been widely used in Japan, South Korea and other countries, and become an important index for consumers to choose. The waterproof test is an important basis to ensure the waterproof ability of products.

The maturity of the new generation of waterproof technology makes mobile phones not only add waterproof function, but also need not be as bloated as the three proofing machine. The flagship mobile phones represented by Sony series mobile phones and Samsung flagship S7 / Note7 have matured and applied the highest level of IP68 waterproof function, and Apple's latest iPhone 7 also supports itIP67 waterproofThe watch supports ip6850m waterproof. Apple has always been a technology vane, and is expected to lead the follow-up of domestic brands next year. Moreover, the waterproof is also expected to extend from mobile phones and watches to wearable 3C products, and it can also make great achievements in automobile, medical and other fields.

Compared with the industrial application, the waterproof technology of mobile phone has more strict requirements in all aspects (design, manufacturing and testing), and more parts need to be done防水测试For example, waterproof test of mobile phone card, waterproof test of mobile phone charging port and waterproof test of mobile phone camera. From the overall situation, to achieve high-level waterproof technology (ipx6 or above), need a variety of processes, different parts, waterproof means with diversity. Some local technologies are quite different from the traditional waterproof methods. For example, in the microphone and earpiece, due to the need to conduct sound, the special technology that can only allow air molecules to pass through, but not water molecules to pass through, must be used. Generally speaking, the waterproof technology of smart phones adopts different isolation schemes in different parts. First, the shell is sealed with silicone rubber (ring, pad), waterproof adhesive, acoustic waterproof (waterproof and breathable diaphragm), and then circuit board waterproof (nano material film) and other ways are adopted to achieve high-level waterproof effect. But this technology can't guarantee the waterproof performance of mobile phone 100%, so a waterproof test equipment is needed. What is more popular at present isAir tightness detectorThis equipment uses compressed air as the detection medium, pressure drop as the test method for air tightness test and waterproof test. Mobile phone, mobile phone Cato waterproof test is used in this way气密性检测设备

The waterproof test method of air tightness testing equipment is very simple. Take the waterproof test of mobile phone Cato as an exampleAir tightness detectorOf防水测试step


First, make the inspection tooling of the seal

Then connect气密性检测仪Set the parameters of waterproof test, such as test pressure, inflation time, voltage stabilization time, test time, maximum allowable leakage value and so on.

Finally, put the mobile phone holder in the sealing tooling and start the air tightness detector to test the waterproof of the mobile phone holder. The whole testing process is about 10 seconds

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