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Technical analysis of mobile phone waterproof detection equipment

mobile phoneWaterproof testing equipmentTechnical analysis, without water detection气密性检测设备Introduction of waterproof testing technology

The qualified rate of mobile phone waterproof testing has always been a headache for mobile phone manufacturers, so mobile phone waterproof testing is very importantWaterproof test设备To a wide range of attention, in this context, a new generation of air tightness detector, dedicated to mobile phones防水检测The air tightness testing equipment is designed.

When it comes to the waterproof detection of mobile phones, we have to start with the waterproof structure of mobile phones.

With the maturity of new generation waterproof technology, mobile phones need not be as bulky as triple waterproof machines while adding waterproof functions. The flagship mobile phones represented by Sony series mobile phones and Samsung flagship S7 / Note7 have matured and applied the highest level of IP68 waterproof function. Apple's newly released iPhone 7 also supports IP67 waterproof function, and its watch supports IP68 50m waterproof function. Apple has always been a technology vane, It is expected to lead the follow-up of domestic brands next year, extend watches to wearable and other 3C products, and make great achievements in automobile, medical and other fields. It is expected that domestic brands will fully participate in waterproof innovation next year, and the market of tens of billions will break out soon. The air tightness testing equipment can be used to ensure the qualified rate of mobile phone waterproof testing.

& emsp;& amp; emsp; Compared with the industrial application, the waterproof technology of mobile phone has more stringent requirements in all aspects (design, manufacture and test), and the air tightness test is more effective,Waterproof testing equipmentIt's more complicated. From the overall situation, to achieve high-level waterproof technology (ipx6 or above), need a variety of processes, different parts, waterproof means with diversity. Some local technologies are quite different from the traditional waterproof methods. For example, in the microphone and earpiece, due to the need to conduct sound, the special technology that can only allow air molecules to pass through, but not water molecules to pass through, must be used. Generally speaking, the waterproof technology of smart phones adopts different isolation schemes in different parts. First, the shell is sealed with silicone rubber (ring, pad), waterproof adhesive, acoustic waterproof (waterproof and breathable diaphragm), and then the circuit board is waterproof (nano material coated) and other ways to achieve high-level waterproof effect and air tightness, So as to achieve a higher waterproof detection level.

So the combination of so many waterproof technology, will certainly lead to a variety of Pro non waterproof problems, such as solving the difficulties in this area, which has become an important research topic in the mobile phone industry. In the past ten years, Shenzhen Harris automation technology has been committed to the research and development of air tightness detector. In the near future, it is more about mobile phonesWaterproof testing equipmentThe air tightness detection technology has been studied. And do a lot of mobile phone air tightness, waterproof grade test experiments.

After a lot of experiments and practice, the research and summary of mobile phone air tightness detection technology. Developed a non-destructive compressed air tightness tester for mobile phone waterproof testing equipment and air tightness testing.

This waterproof detection equipment is equipped with bar code scanner and remote development system.

Waterproof detection equipment adopts imported pressure sensor, high sensitive large screen touch screen. The test precision can reach 0. Moreover, the positive and negative pressure air tightness detection system is integrated, which can be fully applied to all aspects of mobile phone waterproof detection difficulties. The pressure test range is - 80 to 1000 kPa

Waterproof detection method of waterproof detection equipment:


1、 Connect the power supply and air source of the waterproof test equipment, and connect the test port to the waterproof test tooling of the mobile phone. The tooling needs to be made according to the size of the mobile phone.

2、 Start the mobile phone air tightness tester with both hands, and then the air tightness test goes through the process of flushing, stabilizing and testing, and then the air leakage rate is obtained

3防水检测仪According to the upper leakage limit of the device, the waterproof grade of the mobile phone can be determined. If it is less than the upper leakage limit, it is qualified, and the size is unqualified. The whole test process is more than 10 seconds

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