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Battery tightness detection, air tightness detection technology revealed

The battery sealing test equipment is a kind of equipment which uses the air tightness test technology to test the battery sealing and sealing performance. It is widely used, such as power battery, electric vehicle battery, sailboat battery seal detection and so on.

1、 Equipment overview.

Battery tightness test equipment is also known as air tightness test equipment, air tightness tester, air tightness test, air tightness test, waterproof test equipment, sealing test equipment, sealing tester, etc. it is mainly used for sealing test. High precision 24 bit a / D conversion module and precision sampling and analysis module are built in the battery precision sealing detection system of hiris sailboat, which is developed by hiris independently; ldquo; IVT& rdquo; Air tightness control technology to achieve trace gas leakage detection. It can effectively detect tiny leakage and analyze sealing performance.

2、 General parameters of sealing detection instrument:

  • Test pressure: 0 ~ 500kPa

  • Negative pressure: - 80kPa

  • Test accuracy: & amp; plusmn; 0.1pa

  • Gas source: 0.4-1000kpa

  • Pressure regulation accuracy: 0.01kpa

  • Working environment: temperature - 20 ~ 40 ℃, humidity 25% ~ 65%

  • Power supply: AC 220 V

3、 Test principle of air tightness tester

The compressed air with a certain pressure and volume is used to inflate the product. If the product has air filling holes, the air is directly supplied to the air filling holes. After a certain period of time, the air supply source is cut off. The pressure sensor inside the air tightness test instrument is used to monitor the pressure change of the product after being inflated to determine the sealing performance of the product; If there is no air filling hole in the product, it is necessary to design a test mold to package the product to simulate the use environment of the product, and then quantitatively inflate the product surface through the mold, cut off the air source, and use the built-in pressure sensor of the air tightness test instrument to monitor the pressure change of the product after inflation

4、 The process and method of using air tightness to test the seal.

First of all, determine the test standard. Generally speaking, the sailboat battery test adopts IP protection level test standard, including IP67 protection level test and IP68 protection level test. For example, the test pressure of IP67 test standard is about 10KPA. First, determine the test pressure and protection level requirements. According to the product shape design a mold, mold is divided into upper and lower mold, usually do an automatic tooling control upper and lower mold opening and closing. Put the product into the mold, start the sealing tester, merge the mold with tooling, and then the instrument inflates the mold with constant pressure. The precision seal tester starts to test and analyze the test data. When the leakage rate of the product is obtained, the sealing performance of the product can be determined according to the leakage rate.

5、 This sealing detection equipment can also detect the IP protection level, leakage volume and leakage rate of cameras, wires, household appliances, mobile phones, speakers and other products.

The following is the case of some customers using sealing test equipment for testing.

  • Battery sealing test

  • Speaker waterproof level test

  • Test of automobile equipment protection level

  • Mobile IP waterproof level tester

  • Air tightness test of sound box

  • IP protection level detection of smart home

  • Sealing test of sailboat battery

  • Motor protection level test

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