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Analysis of radiator air tightness test technology

radiatorAir tightness testerUsing compressed air as the test medium, it is a non-destructive radiator air tightness test, sealing test instrument.

1 Air tightness testerScope of application

The automatic radiator air tightness tester is controlled by computer, equipped with bar code scanning function and remote control function. Widely used in radiator, condenser, cooler, copper, automobile radiator, aluminum radiator: die casting aluminum radiator, steel aluminum composite radiator, all aluminum radiator and other products online air tightness test, sealing test, can also be used for laboratory air tightness test, sealing test. The pressure of the air tightness tester is stepless adjustable, and the maximum pressure is 1000kPa.

2、 Technical parameters of radiator air tightness tester

1. Test medium: air

2. Pressure: - 80 to 1000kPa

3. Pressure control accuracy of radiator air tightness tester: & amp; plusmn; 5% FS 4. Pressure control mode: it can be controlled by stages and different pressure rise rates.

Radiator air tightness tester: real time display pressure curve, test process,

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